“AGRIOTA” opportunity for Indian farmers

AGRIOTA is an ecommerce platform to connect the agro traders and Indian farmers. The geographical and environmental conditions of UAE are not suitable for growing crops with in the country so it is completely dependent on import. Whereas India is a one of the largest producer of agricultural products. AGRIOTA is a recently launched portal which connects farmers and traders of UAE without any intermediate or agent. It is a very good opportunity for Indian farmers to do business and have good income.

Shopping trends are changing rapidly everything is shifting to digital sellers and buyers are getting connected directly. Not only AGRIOTA but also many other e commerce platformso like Amazon ,JIO mart ,flipkart and groffers are there which can be a good marketplace for agro products. This will not only improve the economy of the country but also improve the social lifestyle of Indian farmers they will be able to afford good medical facilities and their children will get good education and will contribute towards nation.

The Indian government should run awareness campaign to educate Indian farmers about the opportunities in digital selling and ecommerce and provide adequate aid and facility to the farmers so that can produce agro products in good quality and quantity. In the recent GDP report of first quarter Agriculture was the only sector to show positive growth rate. Agricultural sector have full potential to make India one of the strongest economy in the world.

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