Badminton – The Underrated Racket Sport

Have you ever compared the ratio of the number of spectators binging on cricket or football to that of badminton? I bet most of you already know the answer to this. The inclination is more towards the prior two than the latter. 

  The society still claims badminton to be predominantly a female sport. It originated way back in India during the British colonization. Due to facts like the shuttlecock is made out of light & soft feathers & the sport doesn’t require a lot of strength to play it got tagged so. But even though the sport was mainly attended by the men, in the beginning, it later gradually got favoured more by the females more.

    But as we see modern society breaks off the stereotypes by proving themselves with some serious actions on-board. As we see Saina Nehwal shares no less spotlight than Srikanth Kidambi in the sports world. 

    So if you’re a beginner, this is all you need to note into your mind before beginning the game :

  •  ‌Warm-up before the game 

 Prepare your body with some good warm-up exercises. Ideally, you could start with a gentle jog around the court or some skipping. Once your pulse is raised and your body is feeling warmer. As the game involves a lot of stamina & reflex movements. So one might end up cramping themselves without proper warm-up exercises. 

  •  ‌Check the racket grip & shuttlecock flight

 So rackets of 85-90 gms are considered as lightweight and recommended for beginners. This helps one in quick reflex strokes and recovery & easy on your wrists and shoulders, reducing the chances of injury. Poor quality or faulty and should be avoided as it may reflect the improper projectile motion of the shuttlecock. 

  •  ‌Keep a central base position

 By positioning yourself in the middle of your area of play you are more likely to focus & reach over the whole area. 

  •  ‌Be prepared for any outcome

 As badminton is a fast-paced, unpredictable game you must be prepared to move in any direction at any given time. So it is important to know your body’s limitations. 

  •  ‌Game planning

 Strategize your game. This needs psychological make-up before playing. When starting out with minimal skill, try to understand your opponent’s psychology and use their weakness to your advantage and catch them out.

     As in any sport, choosing the right shot is essential to excel in Badminton. If you are a beginner, then you need to know the five essential badminton shots – Clear, Drive, Drop, Smash, Net – to step up your game. 

   Every game should be treated sportingly. It is the golden rule in sport. Don’t hype up upon victory neither feel depressed upon losing. The spirit of a true player lies upon learning from every experience they face. Take an account your weaknesses & tackle them accordingly. Build a strong profile by indulging in practice sessions if you want to seek it as your career. 

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