Women life after marriage

Priya Yadav,
We always said that women are goddesses and they always prove it. They handle both their personal and professional life before marriage they work for her parents and after marriage, she works for her husband and family and when she became a mother of a child one more responsibility came for her because of this, sometimes she has to choose personal life over professional life but there are lots of women who came back after a period of time to live there dreams.
Marry com give birth to 3 children in 2007 and 2013. But this doesn’t stop her from being in the ring and doing what she loves to do. After became a mother she won a bronze medal in Olympic 2012, gold medal in Tokyo 2020 in fact she won a gold medal in 2014 after became a mother. She became a first boxer in the history who wins 8 world meet medals last year she won a gold medal in New Delhi. In one of her interviews, she said that people use to think that I could win only when a was not married but after getting married and having children’s I had to struggle a lot she said that it is not easy to come back after getting married and having children. Of Couse, it is not easy but she did and follows her dreams.
Sania mirza a tennis player gives birth to a child in 2018 and take a maternity break of more than 2 years. She comes back to the 2020 summer Olympics and won this match. In one of her interviews, she said that “it is really amazing, something that I could only dream to come back like this and win a tournament straightaway. It is very difficult to play after giving birth to a child because it changes the shape of the body, gain weight, and lots of other challenges they face. She loses 23-26 kilos and nothing stops her.
Chandro and Prakashi Tomar two sisters who pick up a gun in their 60s and are known as the world’s oldest sharpshooters. Chandro Tomar won more than 30 national championships. Her husband neither opposed nor her shooting sports. Chandro has 5 children and 12 grandchildren. Prakashi Tomar wins more than 25 national and international championships. She has 8 children and 20 grandchildren her daughter Seema and Rekha Tomar are also a shooter, Rekha is retired as a shooter but her grandmother is going on. They both always wear her conventional village attire when they used to do the shooting. Does lots of work at home and after dinner they take shooting practice in their private range. A movie is also based on their story called “sand ki aakh” which inspired a lot of women in this world.
These women’s are the example for everyone that nothing can stop us for doing what we want to do they always attend to household chores of cooking, cleaning, tending to cattle, and feeding their family but between this, they took some minutes of time for themselves and fulfilled their dreams after a lot of difficulties in their life. There are lots of movies based on this concept like panga, sand ki aakh, Mark Kom and this only represents or tells us that if we decide to do anything in our life we can achieve it at any age and at any cost.

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