Students and children are basically considered as the next generation of a country. The major motto of any country should focus about the students their needs and problems. The problem faced by the students are quintessential to be listened about as they are the problems which if not solved can lead to disastrous issues.And the major issues faced by the students nowadays is demotivation,lack of importance given to them , the stress which is caused due to many unambiguous reasons and there are really many more unknown issues which a student face in their day to day life. But they really don’t know whom to consult,from where they will get the solution of their problems,why they are facing these kinds of problems,how can they come out of the problems? Sometimes it happens that they face lots of problem and those problems leads to a major demotivation which ultimately results into their lose of interest in studies.

If given a thought we can actually figure out some basics points which actually leads to all these problems. One major point that is to be noted is that nowadays parents are busy with their lives,their career or other problems which indirectly or directly hampers their kids. The child does not feel connected to them which resist him to share his piece of problem with them. On the other hand there are parents who are overprotective about their child which makes him feel that if he shares his problem then his parents ,ay feel that they have not taught him how to deal with a small problem. Parents actually play a major role in a child’s life because what a kid sees in his home is what he learns and that’s where his critical thinking starts . The way a problem is faced in home is the way a child accepts and tries to solve a problem. That’s the reason why different children address same problem in different ways. The way parents address failure is the same way a child alos faces a failure. It’s somewhat the duty of the parents to teach their kids how to deal with the problems. But majorly parents only teach the kids how to celebrate success but underneth this they just ignores the fact that their child could also fail and its their duty only to tech them how to deal with that.

Secondly , there are not appropriate knowledge or help from where help could be seeked. If there’s any kind of help it come on the basis of money. Being a student its difficult to arrange money and if asked from parents they would definitely ask why we need money. The unknown kind of pressure of achieving something big, be successful in life,the fear of failure, the fear of losing the near and dear ones and many other fears and ambitions in the mind of a student is creating unnecessary pressure. Nothing just a hope a little motivation and

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