Routines to pick again for students and service workers before Unlock 5.0

It has been nearly six months of COVID-19 and lock-down. We haven’t been able to control the virus, yet few vaccines are in development that may help the situation. However, it is expected to come near last quarter of 2020. However, it is expected that Institutes and other services may resume in next phase of unlock with some guidelines and safety protocols. In unlock 4.0 Institutions outside the containment zones are allowed to work within the half amount but students were not supposed to attend schools and colleges. But it is seeming that in the coming time, schools outside containment zone might be ordered to reopen school anytime coming in future. So, we bring to you, the scheduled routines we should start following now so that we can be back on track within the given time. This will help us to regain our lost touch. In the lock-down phase we have become the rusty in the meantime, but we need to be at our toes and let’s get started,

  • Sleep Cycle

Due to less work and more time, we have been more or less in last few months, few peoples might have used their time well, but the time would have changed. Mostly we might be awake till late night doing what they love or enjoying some good content, but this had ruined our sleep cycle. Surely, we would have been taking a good 8-10-hour sleep but from very late night to mid noon in actually. So, we need to fix this as it would cause problems in school or working time. We can start by sleeping early and try to wakeup in morning. It would take time but reducing this by one hour for 5-6 days will result in good sleep cycle. You will manage to sleep early and wake early to get a healthy lifestyle and efficient energy to work productively in whole day.

  • Morning Time

As we will get our sleep cycle right, it’s time to use the morning time for great Health. We have been sitting inside and idle for most of the time. Due to lock-down, work and physical exercise was reduced to high extent. This will result in storing a lot of fat and hence making us physically unfit. So, we can correct this by doing yoga and other exercises in mean time. Gym is not functioning fully, but a little effort can make you fit so that you can be on your toes by the time when everything gets back to normal.

  • Evening out

In whole period of lock-down, we have been inside the home most of the times and getting bored absolutely doing nothing or tired of doing everything. So, it is good to take a walk-in evening time to relax and chill in that time. We all love to enjoy doing nothing and roam around for some time. As we have lot time now and we should make use of evening.

  • Food cycle

In these days, all the markets, restaurants and outside food was prohibited and also not available. We all were forced to make and have foods in home only. Well that was the good part of this lock-down for us, but it has its downside too, like we were free to eat anytime be it a day or night. We might have been taking N no. of meals in a 24-hour day. Our food cycle has been bad for quite many days, but it starts to affect us somehow badly. So, its right time to reset it and use it well in favor of us. We can make plan for a perfect meal throughout the day and can design that according to our workload and necessity

  • Quality work

We have a lot of time in this period of lock-down like some free time where we can do something of our own. Things we take interest in or things that fascinates us and we always wanted to give it a try. We can enjoy our hobbies and get the most of it. We can turn it and modify in some great shape as we want always. We can also start by studying some of our subjects or work front things we have took a break with, deliberately or creatively to give space. Things are now starting, and we need to be ready and be like we were ever ready. To use most of this time and keep us waiting and engaging in activities so that we can slay in upcoming time.

We hope you take some great from this and make most of everything and use time for enriching in any way possible. Lock-down has given us some golden chances to do anything to everything. It’s never late or early to start something instead its amount of efforts and work that needs to be done to get best out of it.