85% of the parents of this state are in favor of the school opening from September, the education department told the plan.

The biggest question among the Corona virus epidemic is about the opening of schools and colleges. Some people are in favor of opening the school and many are against it. Meanwhile, a survey has revealed shocking results. The survey has been conducted by the Education Department of the state Haryana adjacent to Delhi.

In this survey of Haryana Education Department, it has been found that about 85% of the students of class 10th and 12th in the state are in favor of opening school from September 2020. Despite the dangers of the Corona epidemic, these parents are ready to send their children to school.

The survey was conducted online by the state school education department. In this, parents of a total of 76,019 students of class 10th and 12th of various government schools of the state attended. It included a few schools from all the 22 districts of the state.

What questions were asked from parents
These four questions were asked by the education department to all parents –

  • Should schools be opened by September 2020?
  • Are parents ready to send their children to school from September 2020?
  • Have any of your family members conducted the Kovid test?
  • Have any of your family members been found to be Kovid positive? … so how will the schools be opened now.

An Education Department official said that ‘most of the students of 10th-12th students are in favor of opening of schools. Therefore, the department has decided to run trial run by opening two schools in different districts first. Government Senior Secondary School in Karnal and Government High School in Sonepat will be opened for four days. Dates will be revealed soon. ‘ In these four days, every movement of the school will be recorded on cameras. How students come to school, how they enter, how classes attend, or not touch each other, how they get out of school .. All these things will be recorded. Classes will be held in small groups instead of classrooms. After the trial, a team of seven members of the education department, including health and hygiene experts, will watch these video recordings to see if all the rules are being followed. If there is a shortage, teachers will be asked to remove it the very next day. These recordings will be shown to every teacher before school opens. The education department is preparing to open schools for class 10th and 12th from September 21.

Students have to submit written consent of their parents for this. An official of the Directorate of School Education has told that the ‘School Management Committee will conduct a survey from the parents of all the students from class 9th to 12th. If 60 percent or more of the parents are in favor of opening the school, it will be recorded in the school register. However, all these things are still in the planning stage.