The new syllabus will be taught from 2022 : PM

“Marksheet has become ‘Prestige Sheet’, New Education Policy will get children out of the race of marks.”

Amid preparations for implementation of the National Education Policy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, 11th September, 2020 made it clear that from the year 2022, the students will be studying from the curriculum being prepared under the new education policy. Referring to the current problems of the education system, the PM said that a big problem is that instead of learning based education in our country, the education system with marks and marksheets dominates. The truth is that the marksheet has now become the mental pressure sheet and the family’s prestige sheet, that is, it has become a question of prestige. In a virtual address to the two-day conference of teachers associated with school education in the 21st century, the Prime Minister said that removing children from the stress of education is one of the main objectives of the National Education Policy. He said that the exam should be done in such a way that students do not have to be unnecessarily pressurized. At the same time, efforts should also be made not to evaluate the students from one examination only, but to have different aspects of their development. This is the reason why the National Education Policy has proposed a report card covering all aspects of students in place of marksheet, which will include the student’s specific ability, capability, attitude, talent, skill, overall efficiency etc. “When we celebrate the completion of 75 years of independence, students will move towards a new future with a new curriculum.” This course will be visionary, futuristic and scientific. At the same time, the PM also replied to those who questioned the language and said that here we need to understand that language is the medium of education. Finally, the Government has taken a great step for taking forward the country’s education system.

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During this time, the PM also explained the reason behind the National Education Policy. He said that every region of the world has changed in the last three decades, every system has changed. There is hardly any aspect of life in these three decades that is the same as before. But what had not changed was our education system. It was running on the old pattern. Changing the old education system was as important as changing a spoiled black board.

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