How did we evolve?

Historical sources are pretty difficult to find. Why? Because, we never know where exactly they are, are they even real. It solely depends upon. Our imagination. Cause we can’t grab a time machine and time travel to see exactly what happened (but that would’ve damn great!). Evolution is crucial in every animal and has taken place eat one point of time. But then..who were we evolved from..?

  • The starting point

Now, atleast at some point of time,you must have thought, ‘From where the heck did this universe start?’.  The thing is, We Don’t Know. We do have theories regarding the point though, which give an applicable reason as to the beginning of life. So the theory was of the Big Bang. We all know what exactly this ‘big bang’ is.It is believed that, there existed something very small,smaller than any other thing. Even from a microbe.And at one point,it exploded. That phenomenon was called the big bang, through which large balls of fire were generated. After many billions of years,the fire balls started to align themselves, unto a newly forming star,the Sun due to its pull. And eventually,some more billion years later,the fireballs started to cool down. Now,was the time when the first organism appeared on earth. But why only earth. Because, Earth is situated in something called the ‘Goldilocks zone’. The earth was just at a perfect distance from the sun for life to exist. If the earth was any nearer of any farther, you and me, including everything would probably not have existed at all.(sad? I know). The first organism to exist on earth was the Archaea.  This microbe was the first to live on the still hot earth. How? Archaea, maybe   had adapted themselves to the hot temperatures of the earth. Which means, we all have actually evolved from Archaea!

They are even found today, in the thermal beds, and wherever the temperatures are fit for them.

From the Archaea evolved the bacteria, which are prokaryotes(primitive organisms) then came the eukaryotes(  true cells) and all the kingdoms. And today we live with all the complex tissues and cells, working everyday in our bodies. How did water come though? It is believed that during the big bang, not only did it release fireballs,but also many gases. Then, probably the atoms of hydrogen(H) and Oxygen (O)  made bonds to create the existence of water. These are all one of the speculations and assumptions made by us to understand the beginning of life in a better way. Who knows the truth? No one does. At least not from earth anyways.

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Even now the earth is still cooling down. A live example would be volcanoes. Meaning,only the outer portion of earth has cooled down after the time period of 4.5 billion years. So,when the water made an appearance on the surface of earth, seas and oceans were probably formed. But the lands were still not. Then where did life continue to exist?In the oceans of course. Something called the Endo-genetic movements ( movements which occur on the inside of the earth) made the continent buildings possible.

While the continents still continued to cool down, after the volcanic eruption that is, the life in the aquatic region continued to make  progress.

Did you know that the continents which are formed today are not how it was a million years ago?

 Many types of continental structures were formed in our history. For example: Rodinia,Pannotia, Pangaea, Gondwana etc. Out of these, Pangaea lasted for the longest period.( due to the internal and external movements of earth,the continental formation kept on changing). How did Dinosaurs go extinct? Dinosaurs came to extinction due the humongous amounts of volcanic eruptions and the other Endo-genetic movements( yes,those cartoons had shown you the truth!)

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Now what happened was that the living organisms which were living in the aquatic region came to the land. Slowly,they started adapting themselves to the terrestrial lands. They say that evolution of man,that is the ancestors of our species are from apes. Slowly but steadily,they evolved to form stages. The first stage was said to be Homo Habilis,the second was Homo Erectus, the third was Neanderthals, and then finally,the Homo Sapiens. Infact, all of these species used to live together. Meaning,suppose it was not like everyone was Neanderthals, some of them were still not evolved from Homo Erectus. They all lived and learnt the sources of nature. 

As time passed, they evolved, their organs developed and were also divided. But….wait! Does that mean that we evolved from oceans? Well, we don’t exactly know about the truth but it is said that the statement does hold some weight on it and might be true. And if it was true, we had gills for lungs! Infact, some people say that we did evolve from the oceans. How? Because,the person who held most maximum time in water is 20 minutes. The same amount the dolphins can hold their breath in water. We don’t have any specific organ to conserve our sweat but the other animals do. We have fingerprints  and footprints instead of paws. Sure,these statements may be irrational to many people,but it lets one to imagine. To brainstorm about where exactly did we,as in our existence start from?

Fact- It is believed that hiccups are the left out defect of our aquatic habitat….….is it true,though? Nobody knows so!

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