Telepathy is the purported vicarious transmission of information from one person to another without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction.

Telepathy refers to communication outside of the known senses. Many studies have demonstrated that we can “read” other people’s minds because we have neurons that act as automatic mirrors. In fact, we can grasp the intentions and emotions of others automatically. In 2007, psychology professor Gregor Domes and his colleagues found evidence that the ability to interpret subtle social cues can be enhanced by oxytocin, a hormone that increases trust and social approach behavior. 

Invisible communication: In 2005, biologist Rupert Sheldrake and his research associate Pam Smart recruited 50 experimental participants through an employment website. They also included four potential emailers and one minute before a prearranged time, the participants had to guess who would send it. Of 552 trials, 43 percent of the guesses were correct. This was much higher than the 25 percent one would have expected if this finding were just due to chance.

The biologic predisposition to the transfer of thoughts is not thought to be limited to humans. When flocks of birds turn seemingly automatically or wheel together, this quick inference from all birds at the same time is thought to be similar to telepathy.  In 2017,experimental physicist Jure Demsar and computer scientist Iztok Lebar Bajek demonstrated that such group behavior may, in part, be explained by language related fuzzy rule-based computational systems. This suggests that there may be a built-in logic behind group behavior. They do not necessarily transcend the laws of nature.

The brain transmits messages as electrical signals through nerves. But we can’t just connect everyone’s heads through a giant web of nerves even if we could, it would be impractical.

But we can read the electrical activity from brain cells with electronic devices. Then transmit the signal, like we do the internet, and turn it back into brain cell activity at the other end.

EEG rests a collection of larger electrodes on top of your head, where it records the electrical activity of larger groups of cells. But that is only after the signal has passed through the meninges, skull and the skin. So, it is not so accurate. But it’s the only one that human telepathy studies have actually used.

When telepathy influences another person’s thoughts or beliefs, it is called mind control. Within USA is quite developed. Unfortunately, a lot of people are applying mind control at night when it’s time for us to sleep. Mind control involves influence and can include outside props or strategies to achieve its goal. Since, it involves influences of other people (known and unknown) it can be very beneficial or crucifixion. It can be helpful for us to make life changes and it can also create destructions for a lifetime. All depends on the person who is imposing his will (power) into somebody else’s mind. This kind of knowledge should possess only people with pure hearts; however, reality is different. Indigenous people are taught sacred knowledge in order to keep it alive from generation to generation.

When one starts to naturally experience the awakening of telepathic powers, he/she feels more energized. One will start to refrain from negativity and thus, your friends will either be happy or you or they will fall away. Those who are used to talking about negative things will fall away first, since they will lose interest in your company. My experience is that many are trying to prevent that one person will have more telepathic powers then others. Negative people are not pure in their hearts, minds, souls and their bodies. They are looking only how to benefit, or they want to control somebody else’s life and decisions in order to satisfy their own or another person’s goals. Many are paid for such kind of “jobs”.

“Everyone occasionally suffers from depression, and some people are stricken with major depression, in which the sadness and hopelessness last more than two weeks and interfere with carrying on with life. In recent decades, more people have been diagnosed with depression, especially in younger cohorts, and the conventional wisdom is captured in the tag line of a recent public television documentary: “A silent epidemic is ravaging the nation and killing our kids.” We have just seen that the nation is not suffering from an epidemic of unhappiness, loneliness, or suicide, so an epidemic of depression seems unlikely, and it turns out to be an illusion”.

If I had the chance to express my opinion regarding the existence of telepathy , I would say that I support it . I think telepathy exists because many people have experienced telepathic calls in their lives. Moreover, if indeed the results of most of the experiments were not very significant , there are many reasons that are behind this failure . Finally , I don’t think that telepathy contradicts with science laws . In fact it completes science and enlarges our ideas about mind and brains .

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