15 Company logos with hidden meanings

Generally some branded companies will have a desire to make their company logo look attractive and special. But, only few companies will have a special desire that their logo should give all the availabilities and legacy of their company’s products. Generally no one will catch that by just looking once at the logo. Now let us see some of those logos.


The logo of  Amazon contains an arrow from a to z. This means that there is everything available at Amazon and the name also means that the Amazon store is as big as Amazon rainforest!!

2.State Bank of India (SBI)

SBI bank logo will be like a lock. It means that there will be utmost security availed for our money in SBI.


Hindustan Unilever logo is a U letter. The letter in the logo contains different designs where each design represents the product they manufacture!!

4. ITC Hotels 

The welcome logo of ITC Brand Hospitality and Management services contains a NAMASTHE symbol, which means that they provide utmost hospitality and respect to their customers.

5. Domino’s
The three dots in the two red boxes of domino’s logo are invoked in the logo as the memory of the three places where the domino’s was first started!!

6. FedEx
The FedEx logo contains an arrow mark within the letters E and X in it. The inbuilt forward arrow I  the logo is the symbol of company’s forward thinking and to say that delivery is on the way!!

Cisco logo contains a wave symbol at the top, it is the reference taken after the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. It’s the inspiration to the founders as they went down the bridge to register for the company.

8. Audi
The Audi logo is very famous, even our keyboard suggests the four ovals of the logo. The four ovals of the Audi is that famous and they represent the four founding companies named DKW, Horch, Wanderer and Audi, which combined and together decided their company logo and name as AUDI.

9. Apple
The Apple company logo is as famous as the Apple iPhone. The half bitten apple represents the forbidden fruit from the ‘tree of knowledge’ eaten by Adam and Eve according to the Bible.

10.Baskin Robbins
    Baskin Robbins logo
On observing Baskin Robbins logo, we must find numeric 3 in  B and numeric 1 in R. The 3 and 1 are adjacent which forms 31. This 31 is the total number of flavors of ice cream available there. So innovate right!!

The H symbol of Hyundai represents a shakehand. It denotes trust and satisfaction of customers.

12.Pittsburgh Zoo
It’s not just a tree but it’s a chimp looking at a lioness!!!

13. Tayota
Look at this creative innovation of the logo. The logo of Tayota contains the every letter of the company’s name!!

14. Beats
The Beats logo contains letter B within the red circle. The symbol forms the shape of headphone!

15. Formula 1
The logo of Formula 1 contains the letter F but what about 1? It is there in the logo. We can see 1 between the letter F and the red waves.

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