Move on tips.

To all those who recently had a breakup, not you, but the one who was in love in their relationship.. yes that one.
So, I’m gonna list few things about you, and will try to answer the universal unanswered question “where you went wrong??”

1) You know it’s your Brian, so whatever you ask, it has to perform still you didn’t had any control on it. Then that’s your mistake not your partner mistake . Even though you had rights to think about future but who gave you rights to impose your future on your partner without even asking them?..
Learn to control your thoughts.

2) Can you remember that moment when your instincts was saying something about your partner but you missed that, that was the first time when you who started ignoring yourself. So, even youuu want someone in your life who has self respect, then why would they have someone who don’t have any self respect?.
Generally, they never ignored you but you ignored your self.
Start working on it.

3) I can understand, it was your feeling, your bond, your attachment and your expectations from your life for which you were working hard, talking about your relationship in other way.. try to understand it..
See, I know you must have left something important for your partner to make it work, but at last your are reading this, I’m getting it. Ok, imagine, there’s a science exhibition in which you are taking part. And now you have to make a project whichever you like to present it. So, will you be able to make project in one day? No, you will work on it day by day until the exhibition day arrive, but you can’t be sure that you are gonna win this exhibition, right. Then how were you so sure that your relationship will work out. Think about it.

And all other things will line up in these 3 points. So, work on it.

And now”where you went wrong?”
Actually no one could ever answer that, It’s always keeps changing. Like someday you will realize that it was you who did wrong and some day you will say that it’s their fault. But don’t stop doing it, never. It will keep you growing

Tell me what’s you view and if you wanna add some more points, write it down in comment section.

See yaa.

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