Giving up isn’t a Choice, it’s a Compromise

Article by – Shishir Tripathi

In life everybody has their own struggles, their own circumstances and their unique life stories. All across the globe, there are 7.8 billion people who are entirely different from each other with just totally different lives, mindsets and different approaches for peace in life. Some people smoke whereas some don’t, some people do their own business whereas others go for a job, some people think like they should work whereas some don’t, and some people try whereas some, they just make compromises in life. Compromises because of harsh and difficult situations in life and some compromises are made just because of the fear of not getting successful.
In life there are different types of problems, problem of everyday food for the needy people. problem of shelter in adverse seasons for the homeless people, problem of being raised in an orphanage where the nurses beat you, problem of living with your relatives who are just so bad, problem of not getting your desired stream in higher studies, problem of sitting at home without a job, problems of not getting the love that you actually deserve, problem of doing a job which is not as per your likings and expectations and many more problems of different types in different peoples’ lives.
Some people always get scared when trying something which their heart says. Some people think about the society, the relatives’ reaction when they’ll listen of this and also there are some people who think that they are simply physically or mentally incapable of doing the desired work or the task which the heart always thought of.

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Each day comes with 24 hours in it. The same morning, the same afternoon and the same night but there’s just one difference of surroundings. A person might be sitting and reading this article of mine in an Air Conditioned room with his belly filled with all the food he likes, whereas the other person who might be sitting in a somewhat uncomfortable surroundings. But most of the things are literally the same. Now how to make these differences equal and who will make these differences equal?
The answer is ‘YOU’. Oh c’mon yes you are the one who is going to make a change. Change not for others but for self. It is well known to everyone that an individual who is himself r herself in a good state or condition is actually the person in a much better position to make a change. Now one person will argue by saying that we must not be selfish and should think about society first. But as per the author of this article, it’s believed that do for yourself first. Try to come in a better position so that you are physically, mentally and financially in a position to help the needy ones.
Just try, try and try, each day and each moment. Giving up has always been the easiest task in the lives of human beings and due to which most of the people just live an average life and at the death bed realize that they should have at least tried that thing in life at that particular point of time at that moment. It is a known fact that every desire of the heart won’t get fulfill. But regretting at a later stage is worse than anything.
So, in life try everyday and every hour and every minute. Have faith in yourself and get back to it immediately and say ‘NO’ to everything else that takes you away from your goal. Admire your friends, your family members and your loved ones when they achieve their desired pedestal in life.
Keep trying each day and each moment.
“This endless ocean of uncertainty will come to an end and you will approach your desired island of peace and self satisfaction”.
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