Tolerance is the quality to accept and show proper respect to the opinion, beliefs & customs & habits of others. It’s akin to the motto to “Live & let live.” In a society & in a country where people are speaking in different languages, professing different religions & faiths, and clinging to different political views the necessity of tolerance is very high. They may not take the opinion of others but they should tolerate them. In a world, tolerance is based on proper adjustment, understanding, fellow feeling & cooperation among people of different castes and creeds, faiths, opinions & customs. 

 Tolerance is of utmost importance in all walks of life. Peace and prosperity of a family, of society, and even of a country or nation depends on it. All members of a family or society may be divided in their opinions but they must be sympathetic to the opinions and views of others. If a person cannot respect the opinion of the other & vice versa, then this may result in strain in relations causing it to be an unhealthy one. Again in a family, if the son & daughter don’t respect their parents & vice versa the family may turn into hell. Similarly, if the democracy is shattered to pieces if the members of a political party do not respect & tolerate each other’s views, then this may lead to unnecessary fighting, bloodshed & killing.

  While India is famous for its democracy. The lack of tolerance of the opinions of other political parties leads to the dismemberment of Pakistan in the past. It has lead to the separation of sacred ties between many husbands & wives in Western countries. The system of divorce among husbands & wives is quite a common practice for intolerance. Marriage is a matter of pride of Indian religions, Aryan culture & civilization. But this concept is not appreciated in India. Even though ironically it is much criticized, the count is increasing with time. 

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