Why we still lack in conquering over Colour discrimination

Recent times has been very horrifying for the world, not due to COVID-19 but because of some accidents happened based on colour discrimination. Peoples have been tortured due to their complexions. The crimes due to colour discrimination has seen a spike in recent years that too with some known personalities. Many has felt this issue at very high levels and have been vocal about this.

Black Lives Matter has been around since 2013, but there’s been a big shift in public opinion about the movement as well as broader support for recent protests. A deluge of public support from organizations like the N.F.L. and NASCAR for Black Lives Matter may have also encouraged supporters who typically would sit on the sidelines to get involved. On June 6, for example, at least 50,000 people turned out in Philadelphia, 20,000 in Chicago’s Union Park and up to 10,000 on the Golden Gate Bridge, according to estimates by Edwin Chow, an associate professor at Texas State University, and researchers at the Crowd Counting Consortium.


The problem they think is that they glorified the fair complex with another complex. But thing is not so simple. Also, problem is not with Bollywood instead this has been the impression of whole cinema across the globe. However, Things are getting simplified with better ways in other parts and countries of the world.

Recently after the incident of late George Floyd, whole world was shattered. Whole world stood united to trend and realise the fact that black lives does matters. Until now history has been suffering a lot due to such worst reasons. It is even disgusting to think the way those criminals that made them do such heinous crimes. In the 21st century, when we claim to be the most developed and progressive creature among all other species in universe.


We have somehow been able to deal with racism and colour discrimination, but the crime rate has still not decreased. Crime has seen a surge; however general perception has definitely changed in peoples mind. There has been a notable change in the behaviour of public to such activities. Public has taken a brave step to reduce such happenings.

But the main perception still has been like #blackLivesmatter and quotes defining that they too are humans and they must be treated equally. They should get equalities in every manner all other complex peoples get.

But this idea has flaw because we have been taught to treat another complexion same as fair, but actually there should be point that colour does not matters at all. We should not just treat black peoples equally instead we should evolve to the thought of colours and complexion. We definitely have sense of that, but the idea has been restricted to give equal value. We have to stop judging the peoples on the basis of colour and also, we must realise that complex should not be criteria for anything. There should be the world where colour has no feature to be judged upon and it is person and personality that conquers everything in the world.