What is the right time to start, to decide?

Article by – Shishir Tripathi

Intern at Hariyali Foundation
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Educational News

Many people at present (and in past too) have very big dreams for their life. Dream of getting their desired profession, getting their dream car, having their beloved as their life partner, following the time table they made and what not. Desires and dreams are actually endless, but the time required to fulfill those desires and acquire those goals is limited.

People know how to proceed in the process of acquiring their goals and their dreams but 7 out of 10 people are always confused thinking about, ‘When to start’? People basically assume that yes they’ve decided what they always dreamt of but they never could decide when to give it a start.

It is a general tendency that people start from tomorrow. Tomorrow, being a new fresh day looks like the perfect day to start something good. People make plans and strategies which they will be following in the process of achieving their goals and turning their dreams into reality. Whereas some people think that starting of a month, or a week or a year is the perfect time to start something special and something good.

People think that before getting indulged into the race of acquiring their goals and their desires, they must take rest. People think that they must gather strength and the power. People spend hours and days and months just gathering the so called strength and the power. They waste a lot of time thinking that they are resting.

People before taking any important decision, they think that we must give rest to their brain before deciding something. People think that they are making their mind for that particular decision. To some extent it is important that, people must ponder upon the situation and outcomes of the decision but it must not happen that people spend excess time just thinking, thinking and making their mind. Some bizarre people, with a habit of shouting out their decisions to the world waste hours telling about their decision and end up giving up the thought of making a bold move and wise decision.

It has been told since very long that one must respect and value time in order to get their goals and the desires fulfilled. Time goes on like moving water in rivers and falling sand. Each passing moment, each second becomes the part of the past. When one more moment and one more again turns into days, weeks and months, nobody could actually notice it. But it is important for each and every individual to realize the worth of the time.

As time passes by, situations and circumstances also change. It might happen that an individual is in the best state to start something new and take a decision now. Nobody has seen the future; It might happen that circumstances in future are not so good for giving something a new start or making a bold move. Obviously, nobody knows that what will be happening in future.

Therefore, an individual must realize that the present is absolutely into their control. They are the ones’ who can shape their present for a much better future. There’s not all a particular right time to start. An individual after thinking about all the aspects of his decision and the after effects in future can take the best decision. An individual can start anything at anytime, at any moment. The right time is now. Start thinking about it and get into achieving your dreams and your goals as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, one must also realize that missions started and decisions taken in hurry could result in adverse results. Hence, after all the proper planning and mind making, an individual must not waste even a single minute and get onto his work for a better future, a better life.

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