IPL Fun with a Trick.

There is no doubt in the saying “It is not only a game, it is festival of India”. And every year it amazes us like we are kid and it always surprise us with a chocolate.

Hello there, As you all are I’m also become an IPL lover. But, trust me I was not. Because at first I thought these all games are fixed or kind of scripted. And soon enough I realized that my perception needs to be changed. Man! In this year 2020, IPL is the only good things happening after work from home. Don’t you believe, huh!

I’m not going to preach you about the game or about any player. Come on you all are fully aware about it , and I know it perfectly. Today, all I wanted to talk about those how are too attached to this game that it brings a kind of personal loss to them. Are you all are mad or what? Like, I know that there should be something which motivates you to do it. But, you all must have heard that it’s the path that is beautiful not the destination.

I came up with an idea that I don’t support any particular team at all. That thing is scary and depressing. So, all I do is enjoy a match. And I’m sure you all do, but, I enjoy in different manner. Like, there must be some time when you get sad because your team player got out, or you get happy because your team player hit a six. But, for me I’m happy in the both the case. Like I don’t enjoy a game from one point but the both point of view. From the bowler and the batting team.

This technique not only increase my level of excitement for the IPL but it also save me from any personal sadnesses, like my younger brother have.

Think about and you have your choice. So, tell me what you want to say about this topic down belon in comment section. Till then

See yaa..