Learn to spread your wings

No matter how disturbed a person is in his life, no matter how much pain is in his life, spiritually he is made to fly. Napoleon said, “Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly.” When we face storms in our lives, at that time we just only need to spread our wings. Sometimes life is taking our test.

We get caught up in the problems of our life. We can see our problems as a burden and if we want, we can also consider them as opportunities for ourselves. Our problems bring some benefits for us which we fail to see. It is also possible that the same problems are bringing some great opportunities for our lives. Sometimes God also cut our wings so that we can become stronger and learn to fight the hardships of our lives. Many times, our problems make us our guide, they use them for our test or to get us on the right path because pain and failures also give us excellent lessons. Perhaps God saves us from these obstacles through these problems. He also uses them to make us holistic. We can find wings for ourselves in difficult times. Spiritual flight for some people means freedom from the fear that prevents us from doing anything for others. God creates stressful and sometimes painful situations to take us forward so that we learn to fly out of our comfort zone. When we find ourselves in difficult circumstances, then most of us are burdened under those conditions. While God may wish that we should learn to take risks by stepping out of our comfortable environment. Once we learn to fly, we should always keep an eye on the sky and move forward. We should always look at the situation from God’s point of view. God has given us the strength to face difficult situations. For example, the participants in the race have to go through many obstacles. If we do not learn to overcome those obstacles then we will never win in that race. We will always feel lost, but if we find ourselves free from within, then we will be able to clearly see the path ahead of those problems and will also be able to walk that path with full courage.