Rivers- The Source of Life

“Men may come & men may go
But I go on forever”
This beautiful line is from “The Brook,” a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson. It means that humans are mortal but rivers are eternal. River, generally have their source of origin high up in the glacier mountains & hills. The water flows through a meandering course along the slopes of mountain, plains & plateaus. And finally they join in to the sea. The depth & width is lesser when the river flows through the mountain course & increases as it enters the course on the plains.

When the river flows along the plains it breaks it’s banks sometimes & carries off the rocks & soil along it. Weathering is the process of breaking down of rocks, soil, mineral as well as wood and artificial materials through contact with the Earth’s atmosphere, water, and biological organisms. The responsible agents for the same are water, wind, waves, snow, ice & gravity. They are then transported & deposited at different sites.


Then the river flows along the plains, it breaks it’s banks sometimes & carries the soil & rocks. But in the plains, particularly near it’s estuary the flowing rate reduces gradually. Thus the river cannot carry their soil & rocks. So they are stored in the river bed & give rise to islands & deltas. Sometimes during the rainy season a river overflows it’s banks owing to heavy rains & some other causes. Then it creates much damage to standing crops, houses & property. But a river is a great benefactor to mankind. It carries alluvial soil & makes the land on either side very fertile.

For ages rivers have been serving as a very easy & cheap means of communication. In ancient times merchants sent their saleable commodities to different countries in ships. Because of these & other factors human civilisation & had it’s origin on the areas beside  river banks. So we see the civilisations of the Nile, of the Indus, the Euphrates & the Tigris etc.

During the monsoon, heavy rains cause flood in some rivers. It causes much loss to property and lives on the areas lying by the river banks. In spite of this harmful side, we must treat rivers as great benefactor to us. They are also an indispensable parts of nature. Human civilization could not have started without rivers.

Rivers have a great influence on us by creating a soothing climate helping the growth of crops, plants & trees preventingthe spread of deserts. The water of the river is the main source of lives of men & animals. Generally a river has its origin in a mountain, hi or a high pleateau or another large river. Some of the large rivers came into its very existence from the glaciers of the mountain. The Ganges, the Yamuna, Teesta & Torsa are some of them. The streams widen up once they enter the plain region & ultimately joins into the sea or the ocean.

Since time immemorial the river has stood as a symbolism of life . This idea is manifested basically in literature, particularly in poetry. Like if you have read this poem called ‘The Brook’ by Lord Tennyson where it focuses mainly on the brook as it takes a long & winding journey across the countryside to join in a large river. Minutely detailing the delicate moments the brook has on its way & drawing a direct comparison to the lives of men.

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