Topics that Schools Should Include

People’s eyes are often clouded with judgement. They perceive everything with the same mindset, often not taking consideration of the personal experiences of others. The variation in between people, be it twins or strangers from opposite parts of the world, is astounding. We fail to realise the differences among people. This diversity should be taught in school and colleges. The perception of the world and people should be an important part of the curriculum. Let’s talk about a few differences among people: 

Patient and full of wisdom, some people are firm and capable of making good decisions for themselves. They are always aware of all the consequences, pros and cons of their actions and choices. At times, they may focus more on the negative part of a situation. They take into account their compatibility with someone according to their preferences and personality whenever they start a relationship. Their love life is often serious, they want to be committed to someone who is looking for a future with them. They also often forget to live in the moment by worrying unnecessarily about their future.

The nature of some people tends to be unpredictable. For them, meditation is helpful as it keeps them focused and prepared for any mood changes or major decisions that they may take. Some are also quite creative and intelligent whereas, in school, we often associate creativity with extrovert behaviour. Some others may be generous and good conversation makers. Including these differences in the curriculum of schools can help students in leading a better life. They should also be taught to prioritise themselves. One’s experiences and personality is one’s own, it is only in one’s power to change them and subsequently, their life. This teaches them to be independent and in charge of their life. 

On the other hand, some people are highly emotional and sensitive. Sometimes, their emotions can be overwhelming and difficult to handle. Yoga, which should be mandatory in schools and colleges, can be like a pillow of comfort which provides them emotional support whenever they lay their head on it by supplying situation-specific solutions. Those who are wise know that they should live in the moment, thus, they never fail to find happiness in small things. Their most prominent qualities may be honesty, living a moment to its fullest, and expressing themselves correctly. As those who are wise speak their mind, the fire in them may come out in the form of an angry outburst. However, expressing anger and being ill-tempered are very different. Those who are ill-tempered, their hot-headedness makes them take decisions that are impulsive, and their ego prevents them from going back on what they have decided. 

Knowledge about these personality variations will not only make students see others in a different light, but also make them more self-aware. They can accordingly work on themselves to be the best version they can be after knowing their flaws. 

Along with people, their perception of who they find refreshing to be around, whose presence can make them forget about their worries and have a refreshing, peaceful moment in a life full of rush also varies.

 From the vast pool of personal experience and exposure, we learn about our own selves. Educational institutions should include activities focused on self-discovery and self-awareness. They are as important as any other subject being taught. 


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