The emotion of love is a blessing to one and all. Everyone needs and wants to be loved in their life. It is said that love blossoms in your life when it is in your destiny. However, it is not always one’s partner who is the most loved, it depends upon their priorities and experiences. For some, their parents are the most important throughout their life, while for others, they may take a backseat when they get married. Love cannot be forced, it grows out of their personal experiences in life. As every personality variates, the definition of love and how they express it also changes. It is not just fellow humans whom we fall in love with, it could be animals, plants or any material. Love, as a feeling, should not be restricted. One should love whoever and whatever they want to love because nothing, not even monetary gains, can give us the joy and happiness this feeling can. 

Here are some things that people love and prioritise-

For some, blood relationships are of the highest importance. They love their family more than anything in the world. It is their cousins who take part in their mischievous plans and subsequently form an unbreakable bond with them. They are their family as well as their friends and, thus, they are the closest to them. Impulsive, confident and generous, some people have an extremely special bond with their mothers. They may the rebellious child of their family and cause troubles to their moms but their love towards them is incomparable. They are often labelled as ‘mamma’s child’ because they prioritise their mothers above everything else. 

Many people forget to live in the present and often replay their certain happy memories instead of creating more. They ones who are hung up on their past. They devote all their love to their ex-partner or someone they previously in their life who may have even done them wrong. They easily fall in love but it is hard for them to stop loving someone. 

Friendship is valued by most and some may even give it the highest priority. Some people are extremely close to their friends. They are someone who is always ready to help others in difficult situations. Their creativity and practical knowledge are at work when they’re with their friends as they always look for new experiences. They are the ones who love their best friends more than anyone else in the world, either in a platonic or romantic way. They consider their best friends as their backbone. 

Leaving the present and the past behind, some people tend to dwell in the future. Constantly planning about their future events, friendships, relationships et cetera they actually forget to admire what’s around them. They may love the image of their future partner the most. They are constantly searching for their perfect mate. In this process, they develop high expectations and a surreal standard for their future.

Many people are self-reliant and passionate and prioritise themselves over others. They endlessly work on themselves to become their best version. They are completely in love with their souls and never hesitate to show that. Self-love is a very important part of everyone.  

It is said by many that pets are human’s best friends. For many, their pets are like their family. Their world would come to a halt if they are away from their pets for a long time. They shower their pets with all their love and provide the absolute best to them. They are the kind of people who feed their pet before they eat themselves.

Thus, love is an emotion which varies for everyone.

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