How should I control my emotions in bad scenario?

By changing your perspective


Firstly, I want to say that there is bad things in life like jumping off a building that threatens your life directly , but people use the tag “bad” for many other things that are in essence just experiences (Ex:failing a test, people laughing at you, failing at starting a business, ) . When you think as something being bad your mind comes with a set of reactions that are for things that are bad , even though the thing itself is just a thing , that is neither good or bad . But if you change your perspective and see things as just experiences , then you can use almost anything that happens in your life as a lesson that you can learn from. I think this is easy to think about it , and easy to talk about it , but is harder in practice so I will offer you a practical exercise.


You want to change your perspective on things , but you can’t do it in just a day , so whenever you encounter something you perceive as bad , and your emotions start running wild , your thoughts start circling around how bad this thing is , ask this questions:

-What is this thing?


-What I can learn from it ?


-How is this going to help me in the future , or now ?


*You can continue , you can use different questions , but the what is fundamental is to focus on what can you learn from this thing that was first perceived as bad , and not focusing on how bad is .

*You will see as you do this again and again , after a period of time , this will happen automatically , and the first instinct that will come to you when you have an experience that now you see as bad , will be to see the experience as a lesson for you to learn.

Conclusion and a bonus

Life is a long road that is filled with experiences , it will be just a waste to lose your time by creating some form of standard for good experiences and enjoying just that . To finish I want to present you just a bit of something called : COSMIC PERSPECTIVE. What is this thing ? Well, imagine for how long the universe existed before you started to live and for how long will be still existing after you died , at this scale you are basically nothing. The universe will blink and you will disappear . You are just a dot , on a “pale blue dot” , so instead of enjoying your life while it lasts , and building something that has value to you, you will lose yourself in fruitless thoughts and emotions ?

Well, I’m not being a pro in it because every one has there own experience and ways to tackle, but, this can be the most simplest way for tackling anything. See there is always a trick of doing anything which make the things much easier. So, this is the trick.

See yaa..