Human trafficking

Using a person for their own purpose by cheating and by using false power so human trafficking not only affects a specific religions and races but it affects all most of times it is life threatening women’s and teenagers are mostly affected by it. The people first lay a net and asked them or give them opportunity of better life or job so they trusted them easily here they win they exploit them to do what they want if they refuge them then they give them threat of killing so from here human trafficking starts…..
According to United Nations Palermo protocol the definition of human trafficking is ….trafficking in person can be defined as the recruitment, transportation , transfer ,harbouring or receipt of person by means of threat or use of force or others forms of coercion or abduction of fraud or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person for the purpose of exploitation.
Now the victims of human trafficking is mainly those who lives in poverty the traffickers mainly focuses on that people who don’t have anything so they come easily in their trap the traffickers watch those areas and do their work sharply and there is also attraction of big cities play major role in human trafficking domestic violence is also a big reason
As per the record in India there are 1794 identified places of such origin from where female victims are being trafficked between 18 to 24 years. Every time we hear news of missing of girl or a women what it says there are number of cases coming everyday so the reason is that the victims family even don’t know where their family member is gone. In many states of India we hear a story about human trafficking a study of 207 trafficked women from 14 countries reported that 95% of women had experienced sexual or physical violence . so it’s clear that they exploit women thinking about that they are their own properties these kinds of heinous crimes they done some of the people who are involved in these are their own relatives the traffickers use tactics no one knows where they are doing trading the women became prostitute they have to sleep with lot of men’s without their consent after a particular time after knowing that they are unable do to anything they are okay with it many women’s died because of HIV
In times of India : data from national crime records bureau [NCRB] shows that around 4000 cases were filed in the country in 2018 but the number of unreported cases is presumed to bge much higher in Vishakhapatnam district however the number of such cases registered in last three years has steadily risen .
The Hindu: the united nation star=e department has released its 2019 trafficking in persons report highlighting the need for action against domestic trafficking in human beings India continued to be placed in tier 2 on the country trafficking scale
The Hindustan times: in 2017 while the number of cases related to human trafficking in west Bengal had recorded tenfold decrease from 3579cases in 2016to 357 the rescue of missing persons increased by more than two folds 53445b persons rescued in 2017 as against 23624 persons in 2016
In last I want to say that government [central or state] should look on these crimes precisely and should be vigilant
In section 370 of Indian penal code it is said that if any person got caught then he should be in jail for 7 years or may be 10 years and they have to give fine also.

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