Will soon get the corona vaccine.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to three different pharma plants to take stock of the Coronavirus Inn being built in the country. In which Zayeds Cadella of Ahmedabad, Serum Institute of Pune, Bharat Biotech of Hyderabad visited and reviewed the corona vaccine.

Zahids Kedela (Ahmedabad) – The vaccine produced here is completely indigenous. The company’s chairman Pankaj Patel said that, our target is to complete the trial by March 2021.

Bharat Biotech (Hyderabad) – The vaccine produced here is completely indigenous. A third trial of the vaccine is underway. The vaccine produced here is 60% effective.

Serum Institute (Pune) – Serum Institute is the most looked after in India. Because this vaccine is in the final stage and is effective from 70% to 90%. With that, the company has made a vaccine by with Oxford. The CEO of Serum Institute said that, our first goal is to give vaccine to India and then to other country. The company is going to produce 40 crore doses by June – July.

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