Impotance of Side hustle in life

Having a side hustle, or maybe a few of them is amazing. Whether you’re a high-paying student, a professional skilled worker with a weekend job, a stay-at-home mom, almost anyone can use a side-hustle in life. The recent closure of Covid-19 (at the time of writing this blog post), the demands for social liquidity, and the economic downturn, further strengthened the importance of having a variety of revenue streams.

As a self-improvement blogger, I will highlight 5 benefits of refining your side-gig, with examples:

  1. Organize your interests
    While a side-gig is a great way to earn an income, it does not have to be an obligation or a job. Most people start by getting used to their hobbies and then grow into money-making jobs. Some even take up the full-time ministry, having reached a point of no return.

Working from home, being my manager, doing different things for over 6 years (at the time of writing this blog post). In addition to my work, I started this blog in 2018 as a hobby, to support me in the pursuit of my life goals, while sharing what I learn and discover with my students. While the main purpose of my blog is not to make money, I have partnered with other relevant products.

  1. Start a business
    Developing hobbies, skills, abilities, in your own way can be a viable business approach. You can also choose to be a solopreneur, by starting and running a business yourself. A self-employed person can benefit from working from home without additional hiring costs, hiring freelancers, and providing essential services to better focus on his or her own work.

Some side effects and solopreneur ideas to consider are:

Blogging. It takes time to grow your audience, so choose something that suits you. Describe your best personas (personas) to attract the right clients.

Voting. Do you do more to make videos and talk than to write? Consider starting a YouTube channel or IGTV on Instagram.

Podcasting. If you are shy or do not feel comfortable with a camera, perhaps starting a podcast is good for you.
Be productive. You can choose to blog, vlog, or podcast. Maybe more than one, if you can manage all the work. With a side hustle, you naturally need a product or service that you can sell. Otherwise, you will not make money. If you are a freelance newbie who will sell yours right now, you can start right now with ads, relevant links, sponsored posts, reviews, and freelance. However, you need enough traffic to start seeing results and making sales.
Freelancing is a popular trend. There is a special variety to choose from. Start by considering what you already know, studying, polishing your skills, and perhaps even taking a formal course at a later time. Network to be known, combine customer testimonials and enter emails where needed.
Sell ​​digital services. Sell ​​your photos, music, writing, influence, and other digital creative resources on platforms that connect buyers and sellers.

  1. Improve your skills
    Just as you learn to sing, and you get better at practicing it, improve your skills with noise. Hobbies help you develop your innate, hidden talents, and by hooking up, you can set the bar high and do your best. That is because the more serious you look at your skills and abilities, the more likely you are to be willing to work on them to achieve the desired results by setting goals.
  2. Self-improvement
    Learning to do the things you love best, is a great source of encouragement and inner inspiration. You can be a great artist, athlete, content creator… Spend your time developing your skills and using them effectively to improve yourself.
  3. Self-care
    The side-hustle is a self-care partner. They go hand in hand. Self-love is not self-love, it is important in life. When you choose something that you truly enjoy, it doesn’t sound like work, but it is work that supports your life.

Business plan
There are endless ways to start a side-hustle, while having fun, growing yourself, and earning more money. You can put it on a full-time salary level, and have a lot of revenue streams. However, check the feasibility of the idea, consider the necessary resources, and other essentials. Having a business plan is a must. Learning business skills can support you in making good use of your side.

In short, the side-hustles are fun, support your self-improvement and self-care. If taken seriously, they can be a great source of income. Would you like to share your thoughts and experiences? If you know someone who will benefit from my blog post, please share it. Thank you !!