Enhances Motional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is often linked to happiness and success. It supports you in various ways, throughout your life. Let us consider how emotional intelligence can benefit people in various walks of life.

As a self-help blogger (and not an EI expert), my post is not intended to elaborate on technical details or topic theory. I would prefer blogging with a real side and the benefits that can be easily seen in everyday life.

‘Emotional intelligence (EI), emotional leadership (EL), emotional quotient (EQ) and intelligence intelligence quotient (EIQ), is the ability of people to understand their feelings and those of others, to understand between different emotions and to write them correctly , use emotional information to direct thinking and behavior, to manage and / or to adjust emotions to adapt or achieve your goals.- as in an article on Wikipedia

  1. Myself
    Let’s start with you as a person. Being able to understand your feelings and emotions is the key to good behavior. You can take practical steps to protect yourself from regrets. Frequently, words and actions taken without a second thought would be a big mistake!
  2. At home
    Home is the most important place in life! The people who live there… your family, your spouse, a close friend, or perhaps your roommate are people you might see every day. Your family is important. The way you speak can make or break a relationship.

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  1. For couples
    As married people or living together, you and your spouse or girlfriend / boyfriend share life together. You grow together as you go down, strengthening the bond between you. Relationships are weak, so get to know each other and use EI to get better.
  2. Children
    Children learn from others, especially their parents. They tend to imitate what they see around them. Always think twice and speak well, as your children learn from you.
  3. At work
    If you are employed, then people like your manager, co-workers, clients and so on play an important role in the job. Your job can be one of your priorities and knowing how to maintain a cooperative attitude can help promote a positive workplace for the benefit of your entire team.
  4. In business
    As a self-employed, self-employed person, blogger, or entrepreneur / woman working for your company, the contacts you create can be helpful. However, the respect and trust you get from your customers and employees can be one of the best! Think, give others your undivided attention at the meetings, remember that when you speak… anger and arrogance can ruin what you have built up over the years.

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  1. In public gatherings
    You could be a party animal (except for the closing time of COVID-19… at the time of writing this post), an avid user of social media channels, a great network coordinator, or perhaps choosing other types of social activities. To make a lasting and positive impact on other people’s minds, you need to be loved and remembered. Good emotional intelligence supports you all the way.
  2. Success in life
    Success means different things to different people, as we all describe ourselves. Your purpose in life is to guide your steps. However, we cannot live, each in our own different world at all times. Communication, collaboration, and collaboration are inevitable and contribute to success.

Emotional intelligence skills
Some people are more gifted than others. Fortunately, we can all improve EI as a skill if we wish. If you feel you need to improve on it, then you can learn proven methods by taking lessons and most importantly, applying them to daily life. Keep getting better than you were yesterday!

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The conclusion

Emotional intelligence is your true partner. It helps you internally, externally, and in various aspects of life. Fortunately, we can all choose to make an effort and improve on it. Would you like to share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below? If you know someone who needs to read my post, please share it. Thank you !!