Being Self-Employed

Do you already have a job or do you think you will ever do it in the future? Are you tempted to become your own boss? I have been working on my goals for over 1.5 years .

First of all, my blog post is about the benefits of running your business on regular occasions. That is year-round and does not necessarily include the current COVID-19 lock (at the time of writing this post). However, you too will benefit from it during locking, as it is always green.

8 Benefits of running your business:

  1. He is your boss
    One of the top reasons anyone can choose to work for themselves is the joy of being their boss. There is no need to ask for someone else’s permission, you can easily take a break when needed, and so on. Being your boss is great!

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  1. Make big decisions
    You make big decisions for your business. This helps you develop a variety of skills. You take the listed financial risks, so you know you are the captain of the ship.
  2. Save travel time
    If you work from home in your home office, you will save time and energy without having to travel every day. You can choose to spend an extra hour or so on more desirable things. I use a lot of self-care and self-improvement activities.
  3. Home office
    With a home office, you benefit from not having the cost of renting an office. It’s simple and you can set it up in the corner of your choice.

It is important to define and set boundaries when working from home, have ergonomic or at least comfortable furniture, be well equipped, and have stationery that helps you. Do not work, as you usually do.

  1. You can hire private people
    Depending on the nature of your work, you may be able to hire a team of freelancers who also work from home. In the course of my business experience, I have worked with an independent graphic designer when I needed specialized types of photographic work. Most of the time, however, I use Canva a lot, by creating simple and artistic designs on my own!
  2. Flexible performance
    Self-employment does not automatically mean that you can work according to circumstances. Depending on the type of business you are using. For example, if you manage employees in a company office, then you may have working hours.

On the other hand, if you work from home, you are more likely to choose when you want to work. This also depends on the type of work you do. As a blogger, and running other businesses at home, I enjoy a lot of flexibility!

  1. Feel in control
    If you work according to your rules, make big decisions, and take the risks listed in your jobs, you may feel in control of your life. I feel that way… Having had business, business, and (currently) working experience at home, I feel satisfied and satisfied with what I am doing now.

Although everyone is different, with different personalities, the ability to feel competent is often attractive. When you feel in control of your morning, daily agenda, and so on, you may feel more confident and calm. No unnecessary stress… or less!

  1. Self-care
    Lastly, put your attention on your daily routine. It is good to set your agenda, but at the same time, overwork and exhaustion are also dangerous if you work for yourself! Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity you have, and give your child enough time to take care of himself or herself.

The conclusion

Self-employment is fun! Most people already do, or maybe even consider doing it. Do you work according to your goals? Would you like to share your experience? Please do so. Thank you !!