Science > Commerce >>> Arts ? ( A typical Indian society’s thinking )

Do you know approximately 16 lakhs people apply for the NEET every year and more than 9 lakhs apply for the JEE ?

Well , this huge amount shows the craziness of Indian teens for the two prestigious exams of the country .

But do you know that India has a huge amount of unemployed engineers ? Or do you know that India has lack of specialized doctors ?

Why the things are like that ?

Ohk, let’s not talk about these things now. Let me ask you a simple question,”What subject did you opt in 11th & Why ?” Just try to find out the reason behind this “Why”. Was it because you wanted to be ‘something’ or because you liked ‘the subject’ or was it because others gave you the suggestion to opt ‘ that subject ‘ ? Or was it because you wanted to prove someone your intelligence or brilliance ? Or because of the reason that you scored the percentage of marks that fall in the category of the subject ?

Well , as much I observed ; I think most of you must have opted ‘the subject ‘ because of the reasons other than the first two.

Normally , high secondary students aren’t mature enough to decide what they actually want from the life. So they may ended up opting a subject , they don’t like.

In most of the cases , students opt for the science , not because they love it , but because they fall in the so called ” category of 90+”. Many students opt for science because of the respect the science students get. Ohk ohk , before you think more about this ‘ respect portion ‘, I think I should explain it to you.

Just observe the facial expressions of people , when you tell them that you belong to the arts stream.

Well , exceptions are always there. But it’s a typical Indian society’s thinking that arts students aren’t intelligent or science students are among the most intelligent creatures of the Earth. Well , commerce students act as the bridge between the two streams.

Ohk , let’s not talk about other categories. Let me pay my all attention to that typical “90+ or 10 cgpa” student. Students from this category get a lot of respect after their so called achievement in class 10th. So they can’t compromise with that ‘respect portion’. And the parents or relatives of these achievement holders have lot of expectations from them. And as everyone knows these ’90+’ students are made up for the science stream. They may or may not interested in science. They may or may not want to become a doctor or an engineer. But off course they don’t have any other option. Believe me , respect matters a lot. So these students ended up opting the pcm/pcb.

And then these students pack their luggage for the Kota or they enroll themselves in a local coaching. These ’90+’ are confident enough and see the dreams from the eyes of society. They prepare for the NEET or for the JEE. Many out of these get selected in first attempt , many require more than one attempt. Many of these don’t get selected , so they ended up choosing a private college or many decide to go with the BSc. Degree. Many out of these just realise at this moment about their dreams & change their graduation stream to Arts or Commerce.

But sadly , a lot of students commit suicide after not getting selected in these exams.

And a lot more who get selected in a government college or those who decide to graduate in technical field from private colleges ended up regretting. Well , such things are also valid for the ‘MBBS’ students. But let me talk about engineering students.

Just ask this question to an engineering student , that how much she/he is interested in her/his branch or field. You”ll get the answer, “why so many of them are unemployed.” And that’s the reason why you”ll find most of them engaged in non-technical activites. Off course there’re other reasons behind the ‘unemployment in engineering’. But , yes this is one out of those reasons.

Off course you”ll find this ’90+’ category students among the toppers in many prestigious exams , like CAT , or CSE. And most of them are from engineering background.

And off course many people blame them, ” why they did engineering if they don’t want to pursue it as a career.” If you’re also one of these people , then blame the society , not the students.

The society needs to restructure its thinking about science>commerce>>>arts

There should be stream counselling & career counselling sessions for the high school students.

Never opt for the subject or degree you don’t like. Choose your subjects wisely.