“Academic stress – too much to handle”

According to a recent report 95% of the GEN-Z is stressed out as compared to the global average of 86% of the same age group. To put to scale, that is 95 of every 100 Indians between the age group 18-25. The numbers are so staggeringly high that, without even realizing, you and I could also be one among those 95 people. What is the reason ? Well the answer to this is : pressure of performing good at academics.

Whether pressure from parents or from peers it becomes too much to handle after some time and pulls the student down. The impact of academic stress is also far-reaching: high levels of academic stress have led to poor outcomes in the areas of exercise, nutrition, substance use, and self-care. I would like to put it this way: the self-worth of students in the Indian society is mostly determined by good academic performance, and not by vocational and/or other individual qualities. Indian parents report removing their TV cable connections and vastly cutting down on their own social lives in order to monitor their children’s academics, this not only pressurizes the student to perform better but also instills fear of failure. Fear of school failure is reinforced by both the teachers and the parents, causing children to lose interest in studies. Because of academic stress and fear of failure in examination, every day 6 Indian students commit suicide.

As it is said that one learns the hard way , we as students ourselves have to come up with our plans and find support to cope with the academic stress until we as country and a society don’t recognize the problem and act accordingly.

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