Cumulative number of COVID vaccine doses administered in country crosses two Crore 80 lakh

Union Health Ministry has said that the cumulative number of COVID vaccine doses administered in the country crossed two Crore 80 lakh till last evening. They include 72 lakh 84 thousand 406 Healthcare workers who have taken the first dose  and  41 lakh 76 thousand 446 Healthcare workers who received the second dose of vaccines. Besides, over  72 lakh 15 thousand Frontline workers got the 1st dose and over 9 lakh 28 thousand took the second dose.
The Ministry also said, 71 lakh 69 thousand 695 beneficiaries above 60 years age and as many as 12 lakh 30 thousand 704 beneficiaries aged 45 and above with specific co-morbidities got the 1st dose of vaccine. Total 18 lakh 40 thousand 897 vaccine doses were given till 8 pm yesterday, the fifty sixth day of nationwide COVID19 vaccination.

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