Fandry is a Marathi word which means pig. The movie is directed by Nagraj Manjule who is best known for his Marathi film Sairat. Many scenes in the movies are inspired from Nagraj own experience. The movie focuses on the hardships faced by a poor family living on the outskirts of village in Maharashtra. Nagraj touched so many issues in this film from social discrimination, dowry, Ill treatment of women to superstition. It’s very hard to believe that it’s the story of today’s India. In the movie we can see lot of photo frames of great thinkers on the school wall but there were many scene’s which shows how we forget to learn or understand what those thinkers did.
The main protagonist Jabya belongs to a lower cast family. Samnath Awghade played the role Jabya.
Kachru, Jabya’s father role is played by Kishor Kadam who is best known for his works in Marathi and Hindi cinema. Kachru serves as an all-purpose peon for the village. Most of the time his job is to catch pigs. Jabyas Nani (Chhaya kadam) sometimes also helps Kachru in catching pigs and other laborious work.
The movie shows the hardships faced by a Dalit family on a daily basis in India. From the very beginning we get to know that Jabya wants to study but his father forces him to get involved in the butchering and selling of pigs in which Jabya’s family is involved. He never refuses to do what his father and other family is doing. Whenever his schoolmates are around, he escapes from the pig hunting site. Jabya tries to run away from his identity but he failed miserably.

  1. The Whole village always ignored Jabyas family and makes fun of them. They only speak to them when they want to get their work done.
  2. The head of the village told Jabya father “your pig created havoc” and told him to catch the pig before the village wresting tournament starts. As his family starts hunting the pig. Jabyas class fellow and villagers starts gathering. Now Jabya knows that everyone is watching him and there is no escape from humiliation. when Jabya’s family finally get successful in catching the pig and they were carrying it out of the village, they pass through a wall which has paintings of revolutionaries like B.R Ambedkar, Savitribai Phileas, Jyotiba Phule, they are the people who worked hard to eradicate caste system out of our country. This scene shows that not much has been changed because we all are too thick skinned to be touched by these kinds of tragedy. Jabya family humiliation shows that the past efforts of revolutionaries have been whitewashed by the present.
    The last stone he throws directly towards the camera, the stone comes at us- the audience because we all know about the caste discrimination but we all are so insensitive towards this and always turns blind eye from the truth, it’s a shame and the most shameful part is that nobody is ashamed.

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