Haider movie is based on William Shakespeares Hamlet. when Haider’s (Shahid Kapoor) gets the news that his father Hilaal Meer has been arrested by the Indian military, he returns from Aligarh. When he returns to his hometown he found out that his mother Ghazala (Tabu) is in a relationship with his uncle Khurram (Kay Kay Menon). Irfan Khan played the role of Roohdar, he is the one who tells Haider that his father was brutally murdered. He also tells him that his mother and uncle are involved in his father’s death. Roohdar is the one who pushes Haider into a bloody war.

 After that Haider set out on a path of revenge. The movie is directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. Haider is set in insurgency-torn Kashmir (1995). The movie shows the conflict and emotions of Kashmiris. Through this movie, Vishal Bhardwaj tries to tell the story of Kashmir from a different angle.

Haider Ghazala is one of the strongest roles ever written for a woman. Ghazala is a woman who is beautiful, broken, and real. She is the one who is trying to embrace normalcy.  The protagonist (Haider) in this movie is different from the idealistic heroes which the audience usually sees in (Bollywood) movies. The character’s unpredictability in this movie raises the excitement. At the beginning of the movie Haider shown as a simple man but as the story moves forward, we see his journey from anger to jealously to madness.

Maqbool (Macbeth), Omkara (Othello), and Haider( hamlet), these movies of Vishal Bhardwaj have proved that he is a master of mixing literature with cinema and presenting them in different ways. Female characters in Bhardwaj movies are more strong, real, more complex as compared to other Bollywood movies. Women do play important roles in his movies. His character’s sufferings make their actions justified in the most strange and unexpected way.His movies have shown his love for realism and literature.

The local dialects and music of the film make it closer to the reality of the 1990’s period of militancy. Jhelum, Bismil, Gulon Mei Rang Bahre and So Jao all these songs were used in the movie in the most memorable way. Kashmiri folk songs and musical instruments are used to compose the songs. The best part about Haider music is that Bhardwaj has used the music as part of the narration in certain situations. “Bismil” is the song of pain and revenge. “Aao Na” song showcases aggression and violence. The powerful song “Jhelum Doonde Kinara” is sung by Vishal Bhardwaj.

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