Billie Eilish, a girl who can dance, sing and have millions of fans and followers on social media. She is an American singer-songwriter. Her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell. Her mother is an actress, musician, and songwriter, her mother was the one who taught her song writing. Her father is also an actor. Phineas, her older brother, and Billie were home-schooled. Her brother is the lead singer and songwriter for the band The Slightlys, he also produces Billie’s music.

Born:18 December 2001(Los Angeles)

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Billie wrote her first lyrics at the age of 11 about the zombie apocalypse, inspired by The Walking Dead, a television series. She was just 13 when she recorded her first song ‘ocean eyes’ and posted the song online for her dance teacher to hear, so he could choreograph a dance for her but the song took off and made her famous overnight, after that, we all know about her success story.

when she was a child she was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, it’s a neurological syndrome that causes a person to have involuntary physical or verbal tics. She has spoken about her struggle with the disorder.

Her voice is very soft, some people make fun of her voice by saying that she can only whisper-sing and some people finds her voice is unique. In the 2020 Grammy awards, the singer took home 5 trophies. the 18-year-old won the big four awards- best new artist, song of the year, a record of the year, the album of the year. By replacing Christopher Cross She became the second artist in history to ever win all major 4 Grammy awards in one year.

she was on Forbes 2019, 30 under 20 list for music.


The singer is also famous among people for her baggy clothes. Her dressing style is very different from other celebrity singers, she likes to wear baggy and ill-fitted clothes. after her voice, her clothes are the one thing that grabs people’s attention. She is one of the celebrities who have broken the strict rules of fashion. Some people love her fashion style and people also style outfits inspired by her. 

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