5 coding languages every beginner should learn

There are many different type of programming languages available in today’s technology-driven world, making it quite daunting to opt for one which suits you and can help you get the best result possible from a future perspective. Many professionals have a hard time picking a suitable language for a particular task or project.

Moreover, The beginners or newbie programmers lack the guidance and exposure which makes it more challenging to decide how and where to build a successful career in the programming world.

Most Suitable Programming Language for the beginners are?

To find out the best and worthy programming language, to begin with, one must first know the purpose of learning a programming language.

For instance, if one has a keen interest in the technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, then he/she can opt for language like python which is most suited, or if one is trying to enter into the competitive programming world, he/she can opt for C++.

There are many other things which should be properly analyzed like popularity, market demand, job prospects, efficiency, compatibility, applications, etc. before picking a language.

Some top programming languages which can be pursued without giving a second thought

  1. Python

Python, is one of the most commonly used and recommended language for the beginners in recent years, because it has a easy syntax and a wide range of applications which makes it suitable for high-level programming and easy code readability.

It offers some remarkable features such as extensive support modules and community development, open-source nature, ability to scale complex applications, etc., that makes it easy for beginners to understand.

Several renowned platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Quora, and Pinterest, use Python.

2. C/C++

It is highly recommended that the beginners start with lower-level programming languages so that they can easily start their programming journey without any hassle.

C is a procedural programming language that was basically developed as a system programming language to write operating system and develop major platforms like Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc.

Moreover, C/C++ allows beginners to understand many underlying mechanisms on the ground level and more complicated topics easily.


From the invention, JAVA has always been one of the most demanding languages in the tech world. It follows on the principle of ‘Write Once Run Anywhere’ of the language which makes it most preferable by the developers.

This is a language which provides several other prominent features, such as automatic memory allocation, multithreading, platform-independent, etc. Though the language is little harder than some other languages like python, etc. but if you are interested in developing android applications or enterprise software, you can opt for this language without giving a second thought.

Furthermore, JAVA is being used by various renowned platforms such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, etc

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is a relevant and worthwhile language for beginners as it can be used in a wide range of applications, is also compatible with various other languages, and is comparatively much easier from various other languages.

In JavaScript there are various frameworks and libraries available such as Angular, React, Vue, etc.

Besides, numerous IT companies such as Google, Facebook, Gmail, etc. also like to rely on JavaScript.

5. Kotlin

If someone new is trying to learn a programming language to develop Android development. In fact, Google has officially announced Kotlin as the first choice for App development.

Moreover, the language offers several outstanding features such as statically-typed, concise, and secure, and many more.

Despite being the new programming language Kotlin is still used by renowned organizations like Pinterest, Basecamp, etc. are using the language for their respective platforms.