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You may be spending most of your time studying (right?), but as a college student, you can never have enough pocket money! After all, there are an endless amount of coffees to buy in the campus cafe, ski trips to go on, and dates to pay for. But since few college students have the time to take on a full-time job, we’ve found 30 side hustles just perfect for busy (and broke!) college students.

1. Sell Stock Photos

Websites, book covers, brochures and just about anything else you can think of often use stock photos to spice up their product with images. College students who are avid photographers can sell their photos to websites like Shutterstock, who will sell them and provide the student with a commission. Go all out and pose various photos using friends as models, or simply sell photos of random objects, scenes, and experiences.

2. Start a Part-Time Photography Business

If photography is your thing, don’t just stop your side hustle at stock photos. Start a part-time photography business in your town or city! Put together a portfolio, then advertise your services to local families and your fellow students. The best part is you can choose not only your own prices but your own hours.

3. Deliver Anything Else Someone Might Need

If food isn’t enough, there’s even a market for the delivery of other things (think files and documents, groceries, and school supplies). To get on board this perfect side hustle, check out the website for Postmates. You can deliver on your own schedule using your car, bicycle, or even your own feet.

4. Start Your Own Etsy Business

College students who have a little extra time and some artistic talent can make a tidy little income with an Etsy business. Simply start your profile, then sell your homemade greeting cards, baby girl bows, crocheted scarves, or just about anything else you can think of. Not so crafty? That’s okay. Shop around for treasures at local garage and estate sales, then sell your most interesting finds on your Etsy page.

5. Become a Freelancer

More and more people are making their living as freelance writers — that is, creators of website content. If you are able to write well (or illustrate, code, or graphic design), check out Upwork, a website which connects freelancers with those who need work done. Writers can apply for each project individually, choosing their own rates and working to complete the project on their own schedule.

6. Become a Tutor

Are you especially talented at math, chemistry, French, or another subject that tends to stump others? If so, consider offering your own tutoring services! Parents want their children — whether in elementary school or in college — to succeed, and often pay big bucks for tutoring services. Be aware that this side hustle requires not only a true knowledge of a subject, but also a knack for teaching. If you can handle those two elements, then choose your hourly rate and get started!

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