Rules of Good studying

  1. Use recall:

After you read a page, look away and recall the main ideas. Highlight very little, and
never highlight anything you haven’t put in your mind first by recalling. Try recalling main ideas
when you are walking to class or in a different room from where you originally learned it. An ability
to recall—to generate the ideas from inside yourself—is one of the key indicators of good learning.

2. Test yourself:

Every time test your self.

3. Chunking:

Chunking is understanding and practicing with a problem solution so that it
can all come to mind in a flash. After you solve a problem, rehearse it.

4. Space your repetition:

Spread out your learning in any subject a little every day, just like an athlete.

5. Alternate different problem‐solving techniques during your practice:

Never practice too long at any one session using only one problem‐solving technique. Mix it up and work on different types of problems. This teaches you both how and when to use a technique.

6. Take breaks:

A little study every day is much better than a lot of studying all at once.

7. Focus:

Just focus for some time and try to work as diligently as you can.

8. Make a mental contrast:

Imagine where you’ve come from and contrast that with the dream of
where your studies will take you.

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