Government plans to deliver one crore vaccine doses per day from July

The increase of vaccinations against covid 19 on a mission mode is planned by the centre. An average of around one crore vaccines per day is going to be the target implementation around mid of July and August. The local production and supplies of Sputnik v are likely to start along with the improvement of vaccine supplies in Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India. Only around 2 months left, once the supplies got improved there will be a huge raise in the number of vaccinations per day. While, the present estimates that in the month of July around 20 crore doses are likely to be supplied and it may increase further if vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are imported and enter the market. The chairperson of the National Task Force, N K Arora stated that they are aiming to give one crore vaccinations every single day and will have 20 to 25 crore of vaccine doses by the end of August. To have more number of covid 19 vaccinations sites with the usage of entire network of one lakh child immunisation centres especially in the remote areas has planned by the government. The states of India were asked by the government centre to schedule vaccination slots and publish them accordingly with whole safety measures.

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