How can you improve your English during Lockdown?

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As Indian we’re mostly multi-lingual and almost 85 percent people know Hindi or use it to communicate but with globalization and with the arrival of big MNCs we’ve realized the importance of English. Even though we learn English in school, why aren’t we so confident while speaking? We learn a language and attain fluency in it only when we practice it in our day to day life but learning English is limited to school or coaching classes. Maybe you’re weak point is reading or you face problems with pronunciation or what so ever. I believe you could utilize your lockdown into being productive and overcoming your flaws by improving your English Language.

Here are some of the ways that you may try to get a better grasp of English Language:

  • Reading everyday-

Make it a habit to regularly read aloud a text for at least 15 minutes daily. You could either read a newspaper/ e-newspaper, begin with a simple book or read paragraphs in English online.


  • Listening to Music-

You could find different kinds of English music according to your genre. Try listening to them while looking at the lyrics. Start with slow English songs for better understanding.


  • Listen to Podcasts-

Podcasts are a great way to learn a language. You could listen to podcasts where two people are conversing, a monologue by a person or a story narration.



  • Refer dictionary-

I personally prefer online dictionaries as they also correct us with our pronunciation and for better understanding they use the word in a sentence as an example  for better understanding.



  • Learn by chatting-

In the world of social media we’re used to chatting online but most of the time we don’t talk in  English. There are Chatting apps available as  a simulator to learn English.



  • Write-

Whenever you get time just start writing on any random topic. It doesn’t matter if there’s grammatical mistake or you’re unable to find exact words for the sentence. Pick up a random topic from google and start writing about it as per your understanding. Later on you can correct your mistakes my pasting the content on grammar checker apps and learn from your mistakes.


  • Duolingo-

This app is probably the best for learning any language. I highly recommend using it.



  • YouTube/Online course-

If you aren’t willing to pay for learning English, there are lots of options available online. One of them is YouTube where you’d find detailed explanations and better tips for English. Secondly, you can enroll for free online courses as well.