Changing Perspectives

According to post- structuralists,The binary opposition are not true representation of reality rather they are constructed ideas . It reveals the relationship between language and power.Because in every binary opposition, so called ‘positive’, gain power. For example; white vs black, centre vs margin, male vs female… In all these, we tend to favour one over the other when one gets privilege, The other lost its importance. But in some cases, due to these binary oppositions some lost their existence. These concepts are strongly against humanity.What do you think about the binary opposition?

Just take the example of male and female in our patriarchal society. Men always win the favour and the women marginalized as part of it. but now the concept is quite changing. Women also begin to get a proper recognition in the upper layer of the society. Amidst of this binaries, a group of people lack their existence and became subject to the criticism due to the false concept of the public.LGBTs were not even addressed in the society as they considered as people who are against the norms and broke the existing structure of the society that of binaries.They are also humans! They should appreciate for their decision to follow their own identity instead of living with an uncomfortable ‘mask’ to get the favours of the people. They showed their courage enough to stay against the false notions of the society and proved the ‘real’ in them. But these challenges only brought them the hard times… many of them lost their families! Now they are achieving their goals that governments and many organisations are there for them and some humanitarians began to understand the importance of recognition of that are out of these binaries…

Though the society is changing to a positive wave, their community didn’t get enough representation in our society. In this context the new ad of Bhima jewellers in Kerala, brought a positive thought through their ad. The ad begins with a positive response from her family members towards the desire of a man who want to be a woman. Later on ,the ad fulfills the intention by showing ‘her’ covered in gold and being walked into the wedding. At the same time the add gives hope on the progressive mindset of the society. What is the importance of the ad in the present day? Through education many changed their mindset,but the ordinary people are still believe this as a kind of action against the law of nature and also against God! Nobody can expect a sudden changes from these people, because they are rooted in their beliefs deeply.But these kinds of ads and their continuous appearance in the tv can gradually make a change. In this kind of society, Bhima dared to take a revolutionary step through which many sections of the society and the children too might be seeing the ad which can gradually able to make a subtle changes in the mindset of the viewers. In many families this would have led to discussions as well probably this might be the first time,many are even noticing a transwoman and this transformation to a new life pictured in a positive note. The reason behind the popularity of this ad is that a ‘rare thing'(for the present society) portrayed normally. but this should not be a rarity. we should raise to a state in which trans and homeo sexual people are treated in a normal way.Since that’s not the case now we should appreciate Bhima for making such an add as a first step towards progress.

Ad of Bhima: