responsibility of media.

Todays media has certain responsibilities towards its audience.

Media is called the mirror image of society, reflecting the face.

Mass communication specially, electronic media is developing nowadays.

Since, the discovery of television, media is encouraged by all the citizens of India. In late nineteens, DD Bharat or Durdarshan were the most famous programs on television but not TV channels like Aaj Tak, NBT News etc. have ushered in and shows a bundle of news consisting of suspiciousness, Bollywood but lacks information about the government and tries to gain TRPs. The facts which they present, discourage the people and gives pessimistic opinion about media.

Future of news media: 10 takeaways from Media Rumble | Deccan Herald

It is well said that there is an unneglected position of media which can’t be neglected for it provides information related to politics, murder, creates awareness, but if seen the flip side of the coin, the religious channels shown by them, intervention in everybody’s personal life, their interviews with terrorist who are not even caught by Indian army. Even, they can forecast those shows, which can tell the future of people, which can help people to be saved from critical situations, make them aware, summits going around the world, our country’s politics, policies etc..

People learn what they see on the top“.

At length it can be said that, news channels should understand the meaning of ‘Freedom Of Speech’. the constitutional right with which they have been provided instead of hiding crimes of riches and neglecting the right person.

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