curbing the corruption.

Politics is an art of making your selfish desires fulfilled, seems like national interest.

Universal Adult Franchise is a rule in India in which people above 18 years of age vote for their political parties, but the process of election is not heedless, indeed it requires money. According to the rules of election board, the parties indulged in election, cannot spend beyond 1 lakh, but this rule is known to few. Knowing this one ponders, the source from where these political parties fulfill their avarice, is ‘ We’ , the people who elect them.

Legal but corrupt | WRM in English

Elections are held once in 5 years in any state and with their onset, many political parties usher in with their symbols, slogans, rallies making clear their vision about the future of the country. In shout, they indirectly demand votes from us, indeed a handsome amount of money. Many builders, businessmen send them a hefty amount of money so that political parties can hide their illegal works. This money is used, indeed wasted in hiring thugs or given to younger boys and girls or for advertisement so that the party could win. This whole process gnaws the backbone of the honest and fair election system of India.

Corruption prevails in every government sector and no government sector or process is hurdle free or result oriented.

At length, it can be said that :

‘The citizens need to be vigilant and wise enough, to curb the roots of corruption within political parties.

It is important for citizens to be aware’.