Life skills : overcoming challenges of life

Throughout our lives, we have different experiences. Some good, others not so good. It is certain to go through a period of personal crisis or to face acute pressure at some point of time. Many people sail through tough times easily while many others have a hard time doing so.
It has been observed that the people who are good at overcoming life challenges have certain set of characteristics. These are called ‘life skills’. Life skills are basically the abilities that an individual possess which helps him/her to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

These abilities often depend on how well we are prepared to deal with everyday demands. There are various practices on the part of a person which can enhance his/her life skills and lead toward a better life.
The first and foremost is to get rid of unhelpful practices. Procrastination, for instance, is a habit of putting off what we can do today. In this process we actually create a ton of work for ourselves which acts as a stressor later on. Another unhelpful habit is Perfectionism. Here the person tries to be perfect and therefore cannot relax like others. These habits are a reason of daily hassles. Time management is also very important. Learning to mange your time helps to reduce the pressure on us. The way people spend their time determines the quality of their lives.

Another life skill is self care. When we are healthy and relaxed, we are both physically and mentally prepared to face challenges and succeed in doing so. A healthy and balanced diet gives more energy, improves immunity and circulation and can lift one’s mood. When we are stressed we tend to eat comfort foods which are high in fats and sugar. The key to healthy living is to eat three meals a day with well balanced diet. Exercising is also beneficial when it comes to health. Stretching exercises have a calming effect. Regular exercising not only helps in physical fitness but also have a positive effect on reducing stress, tension etc.

An important life skill is rational thinking. There is a saying that “our thoughts determine our reality”. It is very true indeed. Many stress related problems arise due to our distorted thinking. What we think is connected to what we feel, therefore it is very important to have a positive attitude and positive thinking. Optimism plays a key role in this. Optimists tend to believe that problems can be overcome successfully and perceive problem as challenge instead of a threat. This sort of thinking helps in driving away negative thoughts. Other positive habits are sense of responsibility, acceptance, tolerance, humour etc.
Lastly, having sound relationships is also a life skill. Having people you can turn to during your low time helps to bounce back faster. Emotional support given by friends or family members can help an individual during tough times. The key to sound relationships is communication. Conveying what you feel and accepting what others feel is the basis of sound relationships.

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