What is the answer to your solution? PART 1

We all come through various obstacle in our life of which we are not aware; they come to our life without any warning which are either unexpected or we try to take them as unxpected. We human beings whenever are in any such kind of situation we looses our control and the stability of our mind It happens!

And we know this too that what people can say, they can never feel at a moment!

If a lie is for a good sake, then than lie is a good lie.

 Every lie is not a bad one. We must lie in our life for various reasons. The purpose of this is explained below let in form of a story

      There was a vast river which had many streams which is one of the oldest in the earth. Due to water need of people living in that area they blocked various streams of that  river and made various dams for the purpose. They have been utilizing it and extracting the natural resources available in the deepest depth of the river for years and misusing it. After years of human being using the river  and extracting its resources the dam suddenly broke and the force of water was such huge that resulted in the complete vanish of the town and death of many people.

                  Whose fault was it?

  • People who wanted water and blocked the streams of river for their purpose.
  • People who extracted the natural resources indeed.
  • Or the dam which broke suddenly resulted in the death of many people .

Can you guess?

It is not the fault of people who always wanted water for their livelihood, or people who extracted  natural resource or damn which broke.

  • It is fault of people who broke the streams of water rather than taking water flowing from that streams only.
  • It is the fault of people who extracted natural resources over their need.

It is the fault.

As we know that it is destiny which governs everything

The destiny of people was to go and take required amount of water to their need.

The destiny of river streams which flows a way.

The destiny of water force because whenever something is been captured when releases generated tremendous amount of force.

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

Mahatma Gandhi

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

Mahatma Gandhi

So whenever we are in any such situation, where we know we are in need of it, do not let this overcome our self because we’re are never in need of anything to completely let it vanish we are capable of making ourself let us complete our need according to he availability of our need.

Try to understand everything around yourself and take the moves forward carefully  with our full control and stability of mind try not let it overcome yourself.

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