Autistic pride day

Autistic Pride Day is celebrated on June 18 around the globe, this day is dedicated to people who are suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) . Autism is a development disorder that affects a person’s ability to interact and communicate, it has direct impact on one’s emotional as well as physical health . Autistic Pride Day was initially celebrated by Aspies for freedom in 2005, the main moto behind this day is to make autistic people take part in the event and share their experiences , have a day to celebrate their identities demonstrating their ability to advocate for themselves.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in 160 children have Autism Spectrum Disorder. People with autism are often subjected to human rights violations and stigma. So, this day is marked to stop this discrimination and raise awareness among people. WHO encourages families to have an environment, which supports children with autism. Treating them as equals and engaging them in routine activities like cooking, shopping and cleaning will give them a happy life. Autistic Pride Day is represented by the rainbow infinity symbol. This symbol is intended to represent the diversity of autistic people and the infinite possibilities and variations within the autistic community.

The other major factor because of which Autistic pride day is to spread awareness. While some of us are aware of Autism there are many others who are still unaware. Many parents think the reason behind the child’s abnormal behavior is the rudeness of the child but it’s our responsibility to know that every behavior has its back story and we need to be cautious about it. It is essential that we realize that the child might be suffering from ASD and provide him all the support and help he needs. Anyone from a child to an adult person can have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism people are more sensitive and even simple things like light being too bright can cause them to have a meltdown, so it is necessary for others to treat them with patience and politeness.

It is important for everyone to know that people suffering from autism are not diseased but different . They don’t require any treatment or cure. All autistic people are needed to be given an equal importance , it should be ensured that there is no violation of their basic human rights. Studies shows that they have unique positive traits and have the potential to do something which others can’t. Dr. Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism as a young child and was eventually able to speak. Finding her voice, she went on to publish Emergence: Labeled Autistic, a ground-breaking book which is widely regarded as the first real insight into the life and thoughts of someone with autism. She inspired millions of people and in 2010 Time Magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Each one of us is special and beautiful in our own way so rather than discriminating autistic people let’s take a stand for their pride and support them. Happy Autistic Pride Day.

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