Dinman Hardoul Singh

Dinman Hardoul Singh or Lala Hardoul is a Hindu folk deity of Bundelkhand in India. He was the prince of Orchha and the son of maharaja Vir Singh Deo and the brother of Jhujhar Singh. He was born in 1664 and died in 1688 at the age of 24. A temple of Hardoul in Bundelkhand is a centre for pilgrims and according to local beliefs he is still alive and is worshipped as a deity.

He is sometimes considered to be a nephew of Alha and Udal of Mahoba (see Alhakhand), however Alha and Udal were Banaphars during Chandela rule, where as Lala Hardoul was a Bundela.

Local legend states that prince Hardoul, was resented by Jhujhar Singh (Hardoul’s elder brother) who suspected his wife of having an extra-marital affair with Hardoul. Jhujhar ordered his wife to poison Hardoul in order to prove her innocence, with Hardoul willingly accepting it.[1]

The legend further goes that when Jhujhar’s (now the king) sister asked for aid in getting her daughter married; he sarcastically asked her to seek the help of the dead Hardoul. The dead prince is then said to have not only attended the wedding but served the guests as well.[1]

It is still believed by the local people that Hardoul attends weddings he is invited to and people leave him a wedding card to seek his blessings

The legend of Lala Hardoul is popular locally and is performed as street theatre in Bundelkhand. Chundri Odhasi Mahro Bir (also released as Lala Hardaul) is a 2012 Indian historical drama film, based on the folklore, directed by Nishant Bhardwaj and produced by Cair Saangri.[3] It stars Sachendra Choubey as Hardaul, Divyanka Tripathi as Padmavati (the queen and wife of Jhujhar Singh) and Devendra Bhagat as the king Jhujhar Singh.

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