How to keep yourself healthy post covid-19


Post covid-19 care:- After recovering from coronavirus infections, it is still an important thing to follow a Healthy lifestyle. After covid-19 infection, it’s important to take adequate precaution from any viruses and even fungus.

Here are 6 things you can do after recovering from coronavirus infection:- 

  • Exercise consistently:-  Exercise might seem trouble When you are recovering, and your body is weak. But gradually bringing it to your lifestyle will make you both physically and mentally strong. You can try yoga as well. 
  • Have a nutritious diet:- Another basic way to speed your recovery is to have a nutritious meal. Coronavirus makes your body weak and opens the body to a ton of stress. Medecine can also debilitate your body. Does try to have a well organised eating regime. Add organic products ,vegetables,eggs and safe poultry to compensate for the lost appetite.
  • Ask for help:- You should understand that you need proper care and rest. That’s why I seek help whenever you need as it will help you to recover in a proper way. You need to conserve your energy and battle fatigue, accept the fact that your body needs enough time to recover.
  • Try puzzle or memory exercises :- Coronavirus is also known to damage the memory cells. In order to get back to your memory, invest some time in playing daily puzzles, memory games and exercise to rack your brain. Formulate ways in which you can invigorate the mind. The goal is to be gradual yet accomplish something for your brain cell each day.
  • Monitor your alarming signals:- Whether it is breathlessness or a niggling headache. It is important to pay attention to any such alarming symptoms and warning that your body is giving you. Inform your doctor as soon as possible if any such issue turns up. Do not tremble. 
  • Give yourself sometime:- Do not expect a sudden bounce back to your previous life as soon as you tested negative. Give yourself some time and gradually move to your old routine. Remember you just fought a devastating illness. Be consistent yet move gradually towards your daily activities rather than just diving straight in.

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