Emerging Tuition Centers.

School, well known as temple of knowledge, providing us with basic growth foundations like character, discipline and development.

It is a body/ institution, which accentuates us to the peak. Today, the gravest issue, mushrooming today, i.e., Emerging Tuition Centers, has been highlighted.

How can home tutors make a student successful in future?

As we all know, ‘ change is the law of nature’ . The paradigm of educational institution has been shifted from school to tuition. About 95% students go to tuition centers. There is nothing wrong for, today competition is as lovelier in our school as once character was and everybody wants to excel. Tuition centers contain duster of pioneers, providing the students a readymade matter and tailored course, thus making them competent.

As we all know that according to Charles Darwin ;

“The theory of survival of fittest”….

prevails, hence, no student want to leave any stone unturned on their part to attain success, may it leads to their negligence the pertinence of schools and school teachers.

The flip side of these tuition centers can’t be neglected, once student enter into the nexus of tuitions, he looses his main tools- charm, self practice and value of teachers. Also, he tries to distract other students and tries to show his smartness but not every time has the same result in competence, every child joins tuition but not all succeed.

As we know that ;

Horse can be taken into river but can’t be forced to cross it”.

The burden of tuitions gnawing the minds of students could only be shifted by only focusing on school education. Parents also should feel their responsibility towards their child’s education which can’t be merely solved by tuition centers.

Hence, at length we can say that tuition centers can prove fruitful as long as they solve the purpose, otherwise wastage of time is not required with pace. Tuition centers can be avoided as we already know the fact that ;

Genius are never made, they are born alike M.K Gandhi, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Narendra Modi grew their dignity by themselves.

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