“An unemployed existence is the worst existence of life than the death itself”

Unemployment is a very serious issue not only in India but in the whole world. Many people do not have employment. The problems of unemployment are severe in India due to population growth. It is not a problem to be neglected but a problem to which a solution is a must. If this problem is neglected, it turns down to be the doom of the nation.

In a population of 1.32 billion, it is really hard to make everyone employed. From a survey of unemployment-employment based on expenditure which was carried out in July 2011-June 2012, the employment rate was 2.7%. But a survey based on educational levels for July 2017-June 2018 reported the rate as 6.1%. This reveals a crisis of quality jobs among the educated youth. The unemployment rate among people of 15-29 stood at 27.2% for women, 18.7% for men in urban areas, and 13.6% for women, 17.4% for men in rural areas in 2017-2018. This shows a genuine increase in the unemployment rate. As the education levels are rising, the aspirations are also rising. The categorization is that one with a job is considered employed and the one without a job and trying to find a job is considered unemployed.


Unemployment emerges as a major problem because we are more concerned about our status in society than grabbing the opportunities. If everyone tries to opt for a white-collar job, that particular field will be crowded and the remaining left empty. Unemployment is first and foremost an economic and social problem as it brings about money for the unemployed as well as for the nation. It can be sorted out by entrepreneurship and by focusing on agriculture. There are many causes for unemployment but a few among them share a larger part. The caste discriminations fail to treat every individual equally. As a result, low caste people remain unemployed on a large scale than the high caste people. Another cause is our education system. The education should be technical and practical but we are guided theory-oriented. The education we gain must be job-oriented to overcome unemployment. The rising population creates unemployment and this, in turn, will create a serious impact. Awareness about the increasing population alone cannot help, implementation could only help.

As unemployment touches its peak, poverty also starts to touch its peak. This unemployed condition paves the way for an individual to choose the illegal way to get money. They tend to take alcohol, drugs or at last commit suicide out of stress. Unemployment increases crimes and also it affects physical and mental health.


These problems could be solved by improving the education system as said earlier. Developing the rural areas could stop the migration of people to urban areas thereby reducing the population in urban areas. Government should encourage and develop agriculture-based industries in rural areas. More opportunities can be created if we allow foreign companies to start their unit in India. On the whole, we must follow the saying, “United we live divided we fall” to bring all these into action.