How To Achieve Your Word Count Goal?

“The best word shakers were the ones who understood the true power of words. They were the ones who could climb the highest.”

  • Markus Zusak

A word count is the calculation of the total number of words required in an essay, article or maybe a story. Articles for instance, are assigned a word count of 1000 words. However, many a times, the word count isn’t mentioned. In such cases, its relevance diminishes since you have been provided the freedom to write as much as you please.

But, if you ask me, it is beneficial to set up a word count before starting to enter the world of authors! If you are a novice in the writing process and find the concept of length of your write-ups bemusing, then a word count comes in handy! Just as the deadline in any task makes us work effectively under pressure, the word count in writing makes us acquainted to the process, thereby improving our ability to write! After all, everything has a beginning!

Here, in this article, I will be guiding you towards achieving your word count goal effectively through a step by step approach.

  • Sanity Matters!

The First step is to eliminate any type of stress or laziness when setting up your writing atmosphere. Have a clear mind when writing, because a healthy mind blossoms more creative ideas than the one which isn’t.

  • Move To Pleasant Surroundings!

The Second step is moving to pleasant surroundings where writing seems a fun task. If the chirping birdies in the garden inspire you, then just reach out to them at the earliest possible convenience!

  • Get Your Medium Out!

The Third step is getting any medium of writing, be it a notebook and pen or a laptop out of that cupboard and decide to write. It is however, advisable to choose a laptop for the process, since Microsoft word helps keep track of your word count on the bottom left corner of the page. This makes it easier for you to begin.

  • Set Up Your Word Count!

The Fourth step is setting your word count. Make an apposite choice of the count depending on your strength to write!

  • Choose A Good Topic!

The Fifth step is pondering over the topic you would choose. Select a topic that would provide you a wide range of information to write on. This would automatically increase your word count.

  • A Random Topic is Hunky – Dory

The Sixth step is selecting a random topic of your choice and jotting down some words on it. In short, start with a short essay on any topic concerned while not forgetting to set up a word count of course!

  • Resolve The Word Count Increase!

The Seventh step is resolving to increase your word count day by day. Make it a habit to set your goal and implement it almost every time.

  • Write Regularly!

The Eighth step is vowing to write daily. When you decide to write regularly, your speed of typing or writing has a hike thus, making it easier for you to increase your count.

Go For Writing Prompts!

The Ninth step is resorting to writing prompts. Write anything, on almost any insensible issue as long as it helps you to develop your love for writing and increase your writing speed.

Approach Your Writing Coach For Assistance!

The Tenth step is optional. If you still encounter difficulties in setting your word count, then some help or guidance is always welcome. You may visit your nearest writing coach for the same!

Thus, I would conclude stating that your word count is deeply impacted by your attitude towards writing and your love for it. Make sure to remain dedicated towards your writing goals and resolve to develop its addiction! Yes! I know, it is a hyperbolic term to be used, but that’s actually the idea towards developing effective writing skills. If not addiction, then at least try allotting some time of the day for relevant, random topics that brush through your mind! If, while performing the daily chores, a bizarre topic is lurking in your head and just can’t wait to get itself out on the paper, then don’t procrastinate! Instantly, resolve to complete your significant tasks and get your laptop outta that cupboard. Don’t suppress your thoughts to the extent that they completely vanish from your head and you no longer remain with anything to write on. In short, writing needs to be a daily task, if gaining excellence in it, has been your deep rooted dream.

Also, choose correct and influential words as you develop experience in the writing field. Start making your write-ups mature enough. Don’t stick to the same insensible topics as you chose as a beginner. Increase your level of communication through write-ups thus, making them interesting. Start choosing relevant topics and not random ones. Make your write-ups golden so that it would lure more and more readers!

P.S. Don’t overdo or stress yourself for writing a piece regularly. Do it in sound mental and physical conditions.

Thank You For Reading!

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