Things to do when you are feeling low

Do you have one of those days where you don’t feel like getting out of bed? Where you feel like everything is going against you and you feel sad or unaccomplished.

Well good for you, you are not alone.

We all have days where we don’t know what to do. Where we feel lost and unsatisfied. We want to change the way we feel but, there is no motivation to do so

Feeling low is quite normal. It is our brain’s way of telling us to take a break. Now there are two things people do when they feel low.

The first thing is they push themselves to work and forget about their emotions.

The second one is they let their emotions sit in, take a break and, then move forward with a fresh perspective.

Which approach sounds better? The second one right.

So, here are a few things to do when you are feeling low,

The first thing to do is acknowledge your emotions. Cry if you are feeling sad. A lot of people think that crying isn’t good or it shows that you are not strong enough. But, that’s not true. Crying is as normal as laughing when you find something funny.

Did you know that crying makes you feel better?

Crying releases endorphins, these feel-good emotions help you feel better.

Now that you have let your emotions out, give yourself a break so your body can recharge.

Have your favourite meal. You deserve that after going through so much. Forget about the calories and go grab a pizza if that will make you feel better.

Go outside and connect with nature. I am not asking you to go on a vacation. But even going outside to the park near your place can help. Being surrounded by nature will instantly make you feel calm. Nature has a calming effect on human beings. Even lying down under the night sky will help you feel calm and make you realise, how small of a part you are in this universe.

Do not go on social media. It is not the best idea to go on social media, where all you see is people having fun while your life is a mess. We tend to forget that people on social media also have bad days like us but they don’t show that online.

Talk to your trusted ones. Keeping things on your mind can be draining. So, talk to your friends, or family. If you are not comfortable sharing things with them, then you can always talk to your therapists or some trusted friends online. Talking things out and sharing your negative emotions with your trusted ones is profoundly healing.

Do an activity you enjoy. It can be as simple as painting, reading, or singing. You don’t have to be good at it. Do it to enjoy yourselves and to have fun.

We get so involved in our lives that we often don’t get time to do such things. So doing an activity you love would be very therapeutic.

Now that you are done with the break and are ready to go on with your life. Remember to take things slow.

One step at a time. Set small targets for yourself. Give your brain enough time to pick up with the pace.

Doing these activities will help your brain recover and give you a fresh perspective on life. It is always okay to not be okay and, to let our emotions take over. It is okay to take a break and rest for a day or two. Even successful people have bad days. So, don’t be so hard on yourselves for feeling low instead, give yourself time to rejuvenate.

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