Dance is a performing art form consisting of sequence of movements , improvised or selected . The movement has aesthetic and symbolic value .

Dance in India comprises of numerous styles of dance . They are mainly classified in classical and folk dance.

As with other aspect of Indian culture different forms of dance are originated from different parts of India, developed inbibed elements from other parts of country .

Classical dance of India is developed a type of dance drama that is a form of a total theater. The dancer acts out a story through gestures. Most of the classical dance of India extract stories from hindu mythology . Each form represents the culture of a particular region or group of people . Some of the classical dance forms are like Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, Kuchipudi etc.

Folk dance are numerous in number ang style and vary according to the local trade of the respective State .Folk dance plays a significant role in rural areas as the expression of the daily work and rituals of village communities . Some of the folk dance forms are like bhangra ,garba etc

In India dance encompasses a wide range of dance activities currently performed . It includes experiment ing with existing classical and fork forms of dance by various artists.

Benefits of dance

• Improve condition of heart and lungs .

• Increases muscular strength , endurance and fitness.

• Increases aerobic fitness.

• Weight management.

• Better co-ordination and flexibility.

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